Social and environmental responsibility
An Anglo American case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Businesses help society to prosper. They do so by providing goods and services that consumers want. Businesses also contribute to the well-being of society. They provide jobs and incomes, they innovate and build the skills of their employees and pay taxes to support government spending. They provide returns to shareholders and shareholder funds that generate incomes for pensioners. Anglo...
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Page 2: Sustainable development

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Sustainable development is ´passing on to future generations a stock of 'capital' that is at least as great as the one our generation inherited´. Sustainable development is based on respect for: one another, everyone who shares our planet future generations (what is called 'inter-generational equity'), as well as the existing one for nature itself for plants, animals and all...
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Page 3: Anglo American and sustainable development

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Anglo American reviews how it operates in a sustainable way in a number of areas. 1. Anglo American carries out its mining with a concern to: minimise noise and other types of pollution minimise harm to the landscape after mining has been completed seek to improve the skills and opportunities available to local people. 2. Anglo American is active in many conservation projects. These...
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Page 4: The pressure for social and environmental responsibility

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Pressure for social and environmental responsibility comes from two main sources: internal to the business external to the business. Internal pressures Internal pressures are the most important ones in driving change. The decision-makers in Anglo American ensure it works towards sustainability. The Board of Directors has identified key strategic issues for the business. These...
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Page 5: Impacts on and benefits to business

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There are real benefits to a business in acting responsibly. Being responsible wins the trust of communities. It gains respect from the governments of countries where it operates. It wins the loyalty of customers and the respect of the public. It gives a company an edge in attracting new recruits and talent. It wins recognition from investors for managing a business well. Anglo American has made...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Social and environmental responsibilities are vital components of a business strategy. They are the cornerstones of successful sustainable businesses. Anglo American today has a strong reputation in many countries. This reputation comes from basing strategic decision-making on respected social and environmental principles. This starts with senior managers and is carried through right down to...
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