Working for sustainable development in primary industry
An Anglo American case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Primary industries include farming, forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying and oil supply. They are the starting point for nearly all production. Mined raw materials include coal, iron ore and copper as well as diamonds, platinum and gold. There is an important distinction between farming, forestry, fishing and mining, quarrying and oil production. If carefully managed, crops, trees and animals...
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Page 2: The importance of sustainable development

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Sustainable development includes passing on to future generations a stock of 'capital' that is at least as big as the one that our own generation inherited. Capital in this sense means the world's assets, these include money, buildings and less tangible assets such as the stoke of skills and social systems, as well as natural resources. Many ores that are mined have no intrinsic value - they...
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Page 3: Responsibility to stakeholders

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All businesses have stakeholders. Stakeholders are the individuals and groups with an interest in - or who are affected by - what a company produces, where and by what means. Anglo American has a responsibility to its stakeholders and it needs their support to meet the organisation's objectives. For example treating staff and respecting local communities makes it easier to recruit the new...
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Page 4: Stakeholders and ethics

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Anglo American recognises that its reputation is determined by the quality of the relationships it builds with its stakeholders. It also recognises that each of its operations should try to meet legitimate local expectations as well as national requirements and some international norms. The community ranges from people living next door to a paper mill to anyone living alongside a road used by...
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Page 5: Commitment to stakeholders

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Anglo American's Chief Executive, is interested in 'all the things that make the difference between a company that will be here for years - or one that will sustain over centuries.'  He believes that, in order to assess a company's true worth 'you need to look at how well it treats its people and the environments and communities in which it operates'. Anglo American requires all its...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Mining and quarrying play a key role in the modern world. They also pose unique problems relating to sustainability. Building partnerships is essential to the ongoing development of Anglo American and to the countries and communities in which it operates. Anglo American is continually looking to reassess ways in which it can contribute towards building better societies in its own spheres of...
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