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Are you having problems disposing of old TVs in the UK?

Are you having problems disposing of old TVs in the UK?
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How many times have you seen an old TV set simply left on the sidewalk? Too many times if you ask me. I sometimes ask myself – Where do those devices end up?

Does somebody take them? Do the garbage collectors gather all the stuff? And how do they actually dispose of it?

Too many questions if I may say so!

So many people in the UK are contemplating these questions. A lot of them don’t know or don’t have proper ways of disposing of their electronic equipment.

In fact, white goods and the various types of appliances that we don’t use anymore end up in landfills. This is definitely not the proper way of dealing with them.

But not to worry! We are here to help and give you some valuable pieces of advice in disposing of your old or unused TV set.

Recycling is the Best Option

Recycling should be your number one pick in disposing of old equipment. Honestly, it should be the number one priority when it comes to all types of waste.

But electronics can be particularly dangerous if not disposed of properly as there are some elements that can be hazardous. Also, a lot of them are pretty valuable and can be put back to better use.

The best and easiest way is to look for disposal services like Rubbish Clearance Southend that offer recycling options. Junk removal companies like Ben & Jerry can be of great help. Mainly, they possess the necessary licenses for recycling these goods and also have experience in doing it.

You can also look for the local disposal centre. There are most likely some near you. You can carry your TV there and they will do the rest.

Finally, you can turn to local shops that sell electronics. Many of them collect old and unused TV sets and recycle them. Some will even give you a token for goods and you can use it to shop there. But the aim is still to be able to dispose of your TV properly.

Make a Donation

If you have an old TV that still works and you don’t need it anymore, you shouldn’t throw it away, you should think of giving it away. We already mentioned those old TVs beside the sidewalk. Some of them may still be functional.

But I have never seen a person taking one and actually carrying it away. What if it doesn’t work when you get it home? It simply becomes your responsibility to dispose of it.

So in order to make the best out of it, giving your old TV to somebody that really needs it is the best option. A lot of people decide to become innovative and they get a newer and better TV set. This means that the old box needs to go.

Find services that deal with a donation and carry them there. If you simply know somebody that could benefit, a friend or an acquaintance, you can ask them if they need it. You never know who you can help in this situation.

Hold a Garage Sale

A garage sale is such an American thing to do! But it is definitely an easy and lucrative way to get rid of old stuff. This is particularly suitable for electronics.

You might not feel like giving it away. You’ve paid good money for it, why should you give it for free? But you can’t keep it as you don’t have space for it.

So open up a garage sale and sell all of the unwanted goods that you have. Go through your garage or storage and see what else you have that you don’t really need. You can carry it out and put a sign and see who turns up.

But remember, you are not expected to make a profit here. You are simply getting rid of old stuff and earning a few quid. Don’t put an outrageous price on an old TV set that is from the last decade, be reasonable.

Generosity goes a long way and people are helping you out by taking all that unwanted stuff that you don’t want anymore. Getting rid of a TV this way is definitely beneficial and more than lucrative for you. 

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