The product life cycle and online fashion
An case study

Page 1: Introduction

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[audio=] is the UK's market leader in online fashion retailing. It offers own-label, branded fashion and designer goods. Its headquarters are in Camden Town in North London. originally stood for As Seen on Screen. The company was set up in June 2000 with just two people to bring the latest fashion trends to shoppers as quickly as possible. It has rapidly grown to become the UK's largest...
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Page 2: The product life cycle

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[audio= product life cycle]

The product life cycle shows the stages a product goes through over time in relation to its sales. Whilst individual products have their own life cycles it is important also to understand wider market trends. The retail market also follows a life cycle. In the UK the total retail market is in a mature state with growth slowing down. Retailers have to compete hard, shown by declining sales in...
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Page 3: Purpose of the product life cycle

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[audio= of the product life cycle]

Knowledge of how the life cycle works is particularly important for a company like The fashion industry is fast-moving and the individual product life cycles may be seasonable. This means that some items will only sell well during parts of the year. In addition, the lead time on the production and buying process means that must plan a season ahead. Fashion designers launch their...
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Page 4: Promotion

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Promotional activity helps a business to provide potential customers with information about its products with a view to making a sale. is a market-orientated company.'s Customer Relationship Management system helps it to understand its customers and their buying patterns. This means how different age groups and most importantly, how different attitudes affect what appeals to...
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Page 5: Extension strategies

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[audio= strategies] makes it easy for people to buy online as it has a huge range of own-brand, high street and designer labels on one website with a single basket check-out ordering service. Leading clothes designers and fashion houses choose to sell their clothes through because they know that this is a good way to reach a wide, international audience and generate revenue. is...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Fashion is a rapidly moving market. demonstrates the growing trend for online shopping with increasing numbers of visitors and purchases on its website year-on-year. meets the needs of its target audience by providing an exciting and continually updated website with regular new fashion items. Being able to target customers through personalised customer communications is a vital...
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