Supporting business through standards
A BSI case study

Page 1: Introduction

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New goods and services come to market after a sequence of activities: research development testing production and launch. This case study shows how BSI British Standards (BSI), the UK”s National Standards Body, supports businesses at every step of this process.   BSI was the first national standards-making body in the world. It started in London in 1901 as the Engineering...
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Page 2: Research

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Most new products and services are the result of research. Sometimes innovations result from a moment of inspiration. More often, they come from looking at what others are doing, what the market wants and what is acceptable. This is known as research.   Standards offer benefits throughout the research process.  A standard is an agreed, repeatable way of doing something. Standards...
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Page 3: Development

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New products and new businesses are important as they promote growth in the UK economy. BSI plays an important part in supporting the development of new products, processes and services by setting out specifications and guidelines for companies to follow.   Standards support innovation by setting codes of practice, specifications and guidelines. The benefits include: sharing best...
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Page 4: Testing

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Testing is essential when bringing new products and services to market. Businesses need to know that the products they sell to customers meet all requirements for safety and functionality.   Testing and certification bodies can help British and overseas companies with pre-production testing. They have the capability to test a huge variety of industrial and consumer products, like fire...
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Page 5: Production and launch

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BSI helps companies from development all the way through to product launch and marketing. During pre-production, the standards provide a framework to develop products. Testing ensures quality.   Trained assessors and inspectors will check that processes and production comply before products are considered 'fit for sale'. For example, scuba divers need secure equipment, like oxygen tanks...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Innovation is the lifeblood of the economy. New products, processes and services are continually coming onto the market. Innovative product developers are continually researching and developing new ideas. However, they need a framework in which to operate so that manufacturers know that their products will meet the requirements of local and global markets.   Standards are important in...
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