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Building a successful customer experience strategy a guide

Every business is a social enterprise,because if your company does not benefit a person in one way or another, there is no purpose to it. It is due to this very social nature of businessthat you cannot ignore the customer experience. People will bond with products the way they can bond with people. Think of your favouritesnack and how many positive connotations you have with it. Whether you put a face to your company or not, the customer experience is vital in order foryour company to foster positive relationships with your customer. Thisapplies inB2C and B2B situations, and every customer experience strategy should include the following.

Centralise Your Data

Your first step towards any customer experience strategy should come from within. By centralisingyour data, you can improve internal processes from within, allowing for faster responses and a more integrated approach towards production. If, for example, you run SAP ERP, then enhancing your platform witha SAPproduct suite from Omnia Ecommerce, Is a great way to successfully build a customer experience strategy. Using their contact centresolution, you can offer better and more seamless service when your expertise matters the most: solving a customer’s complaint.

Offer A Seamless Experience

This seamless experience needs to go beyond your call centreas well. Your customers should be able tocreatean account and see their saved items and preferences across all devices. Similarly, if you have a targeted email marketing approach, then you should use their preferences and saved items to your advantages, offering them a catered, personalisedexperience.


This personalisationis the way forward. As AI and machine learning become more fully integrated into business management, so too will consumer expectations increase. Some brands are taking this personalisationfurther than just the service they offer, but are now allowing customers to fully customise their products to their specification. As automation becomes more advanced as well, this means that future production will be on demand, allowing brands to produce pieces on an ad hoc basis to the specific measurements outlined by the client.For now, however, offering more personalisedads, promotions, and discounts isthe norm.

Real Engagement

No customer experience strategy is complete without putting a real face toyour company. Social media is, at its core, social, which is why it is wise to invest time and effort into communicating with your followers, particularly when they message you directly. The more you communicate, answer questions, make jokes, and generally try to create and act under a brand persona, the more customers will be able to relate and form a connection with your brand.

A successful customer experience strategy is one that takes the consideration of your customers and how they use your company. It is never wise to assume how your customers think or behave. Instead, interact with them and find ways to offer better service using simplertools for your employees. Speed, personalisedservice, and a real brand persona will do wonders towards improving your customer’s experience when using your company.

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