Communication strategies to engage a variety of stakeholders
An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

Page 1: Introduction

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the UK’s leading car rental company. The company offers daily and weekend car rental for private and business use. It also offers replacement vehicles following an accident. Enterprise has over 370 locations throughout the UK and over 90% of the UK population are within 10 miles of an Enterprise branch. Enterprise in the UK is part of a multinational company with...
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Page 2: The communication process

The process of communication involves a sender transmitting information in an appropriate form to ensure the message is understood by the receiver. The sender must also consider potential ‘noise’ or barriers to the communication being received. Effective communication depends on: clearly defining the objective of the message taking account of the needs of the receiver selecting the...
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Page 3: Internal communications

Internal communication takes place within an organisation, for example, communication between employees. The purpose of internal communication includes: giving information gathering information clarifying issues and points influencing action. Oral communication is a common form of internal communication, for example in a group or one-to-one meeting. Nowadays, electronic communication is...
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Page 4: External communications

External communication strategies underpin how a business connects with stakeholders outside of the organisation. These messages influence external stakeholder’s opinions about a brand and its products or services. Enterprise’s external communication strategies are focused on its customers, potential customers, potential recruits and local communities.Enterprise’s customer base...
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Page 5: Evaluating strategies and overcoming barriers to communication

For communication to be effective the message must reach and be understood by its receiver. Barriers to communication must be anticipated and avoided. Enterprise seeks to eliminate barriers to its communication through its well thought-out communication strategies. For example, Enterprise recently entered new markets through the acquisitions of Citer (France) and ATESA (Spain). Enterprise...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Effective communication enables a company to inform and build relationships with its stakeholders. It is a two-way process enabling stakeholders to interact with the company. This includes employees supplying ideas for improvements and customers providing feedback.Enterprise uses a multi-channel approach to its communication strategies to increase awareness of its key messages. Using a mix of...
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