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German Company setting New Standards for Energy in Australia

New Standards for Energy
1KOMMA5° co-founder and CEO Philipp Schröder (left) with Natural Solar’s Chris Williams. Image: 1KOMMA5°

An efficient form of energy provision along with the control of this home and business-used energy is on its way. In 2022, a German company called 1Komma5° joined forces with other energy-providing companies to bring energy-saving solutions to Aussies. The company name stands for one-point-five in German. This is Europe’s largest combination of investors, influencers, and experts in renewable energy solutions. 1Komma5° has since joined forces with Natural solar, Australia’s currently leading solar energy provider.

Starting in October 2022, 1Komma5° sought to invest over $100 million in shares across the APAC region. This exercise is meant to span no less than 18 months. The investment is aimed at green energy companies within the region. The idea is to join forces with green energy leaders to provide cost-saving energy solutions to homes and businesses within the APAC region. On that note, the company’s Heartbeat smart technology is bound to set new standards. With technology and the internet readily available worldwide, this Heartbeat technology will allow homeowners to control appliances within their homes.

Natural Solar installed Australia’s first Tesla solar energy package in 2016. This move to join forces with 1Komma5° will allow the company to better provide its installation packages while leveraging itself with experts. Directors and founders of Sonnen, Phillip Schroder, along with Chris Ostermann will offer much-needed expertise moving forward. A company like 1Komma5° offers bulk purchasing power across this region, making it worthwhile for Natural Solar regarding economies of scale.

Using a solar battery provided by Natural Solar, one will have total control of how energy is used within their home or business. This Heartbeat technology, along with a modern solar battery, allows one to control air conditioners, heat pumps, and chargers for vehicles that use electrical energy, along with smart meters and of course, procuring energy from a grid. With the Heartbeat technology set to begin rolling out in early 2023, there are offers on the table to grab this technology earlier.

The first one thousand purchases and installations of solar battery technology will also receive Heartbeat for free. These devices retail at approximately $1300. It will be an added advantage to secure this Heartbeat technology sooner rather than later. This modern company 1Komma5° seeks to provide green energy solutions to all. The idea is to give homes and businesses a chance at a carbon-free lifestyle. They also provide photovoltaic technology, batteries, and electrical charging.

This company was the first to offer electric vehicle owners in Germany free electricity. Although 1Komma5° has a major presence in Germany and Sweden, it seeks to become a major player within the APAC region too. Before 2022, 1Komma5° had purchased shares in over 15 companies worldwide. The company operates in countries like Austria, Spain, Finland, and of course Sweden and Germany. The concept behind 1Komma5° Heartbeat and solar batteries is to do away with carbon entirely. This includes decarbonized mobility (vehicles), heat, and electricity in homes and businesses.

Regarding money and the green energy solutions market, 1Komma5° seeks to bring in upwards of 15 billion Euros, in 2023 alone. This shows the viability of renewable energy not only in the APAC region but globally too. Companies like Energy Matters facilitate the procurement and installation of such energy solutions within Australia. These services undoubtedly alleviate the stress of ever-increasing electricity rates.

The Heartbeat technology, along with a solar battery or two from Natural Solar will provide the carbon-neutral atmosphere that many seek. Whether you run a business or are looking to save on homeowner’s utility bills, 1Komma5°, and their Heartbeat technology will help you realize these goals.

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