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Top tips for finding home improvement leads for your company

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Running a profitable business is not an easy thing. You need a constant flow of home improvement leads to make a profit. As a business owner, you should nail it down to generate more jobs for your company and steady cash flow to grow your business and team. It is not an easy task to do but also not an impossible thing. In this article, I am going to explain how you can get more exclusive sales leads to increase your business profit. After reading this article, you will have a good knowledge of marketing your business for free.

Facebook Groups of Areas Where You Provide Your Services

One of the proven marketing tactics is to find a local Facebook group that is about home service business. Local Facebook groups are a free way to market your business. If you do not know about this then you should use. It is an easy to use way for lead generation. There are groups related to double glazing that you use to get Double Glazing Leads. You just need to search on Facebook by typing your city name and select groups. The website will show you all the groups related to your search. Do not waste your time in small groups. First focus on marketing your business in large community groups. For example, during your search, you find a large community group in your city. Then join this group because you are providing your services in this area and most of the members list in this city.

Join all the related groups, usually, approval takes some days. Moreover, you need to understand the guidelines of the group. Do not try to spam the group by promoting your services. If the group allows you to promote your business then do it.

The next step is to introduce yourself and the services you are providing. Be active in the community to gain some recognition. An easy way is to just help people by answering their questions. After gaining some reputation, you can tell them about your services.

Google, Yelp and Facebook Reviews

The next step is to gain some positive reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google My Business. Good reviews are a positive sign for your business credibility and your services. The Internet is very common and most of the people search on the internet before hiring any company. They trust these reviews and make their decisions based on them. If your company does not have positive reviews then you are missing a social proof for your abilities. It can become a cause of a decrease in your leads.

There are other review sites too but they are more general and you should focus on them first. Local mostly use these websites to review a contractor or home improvement service providers.

Do not afraid, as you do not need thousands of reviews to start. A couple of good ratings are enough to prove your abilities as a home improvement contractor. Ask your client to leave a review online on these websites. Just put your iPad in their hand and guide them through the promise. They will love to leave a review if you have delivered your services as promised. Also, make sure that all of your three profiles are complete.

Special Offer

Another thing you can do to promote your business on social media websites such as Facebook is to offer a special offer. Nothing is better to generate more leads than a special offer. But the offer should be very hot and can help you make a ton of money. It should be interesting for the customers to buy your services. For this offer to work, you first need to invest some money on Facebook ads. The offer will be good enough if you do it in the right way. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money on Facebook ads. Some companies can help increase your leads like Watts Marketing. These types of companies have a team of experts and professional people. They know how to ads for your business to generate more home improvement leads.

Promote Content on Facebook

Another way you can use the Facebook platform for promoting your business is by promoting a piece of content. You can make a video about your services, an article, a blog or a PDF file which includes information that is beneficial for the reader. After that run a campaign to promote this piece of content on Facebook.

You can give them a guide on how to save money by making a more energy-efficient heating system in their home. Or you can give them tips on how to protect their roofing etc. A person showing interest in your content an be your next lead. The best way to do this is to collect their email or phone number in exchange for the content. The people usually do not show any interest in a first-time approach. But if you continue to promote using Facebook ads. It will help you generate more leads for your business in the coming months.

Google AdWords

Another effective way to promote your business is Google AdWords. It is the best way to find the people that are looking for home improvement services. After that, you need to get them to a landing page that explains everything about your business and services. It can cost you a lot of money but if you have some money for PPC then you should invest in Google AdWords.

Answer Questions

There are some questions that the customer asks but they need some content to explain it. Content marketing is an effective way and businesses are using this strategy for many decades. You should make a list of problems users have related to your business. Then create content that gives a logical solution to that problem. First, you need to select the type of content such as text or video. After that make a list of questions and start making content that can help the customers.

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