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How to breathe easier in your study place

Whether you are working in an office, a library, or at home, it is important you ensure that you breathe the best quality of the air you possibly can. Outdoors the quality of air is terrible; with high levels of pollution from industrial waste in urban areas, and even rural areas now, it is no surprise, and quite alarming, to the extent of the toxicity in our air.

Academic discourse has revealed that in areas with extreme levels of pollution people are more likely to develop serious malignant tumours, as a direct result of the air. This has been met as a point of contention by companies with large factories, and unfortunately, has seldom been regulated. It can be very difficult to control the quality of the air we breathe, but with caution, and a little money spent, you can manage as best you can and can endeavour to breathe the best quality of air while you are working.

Keep Allergies in Check

Often, the most common cause of breathing difficulties or issues associated with your respiratory system is simply allergies. It is very uncommon, but scarily, yes it is possible for you to be allergic to your air conditioning units. Many people are very much allergic to the dust and bacteria that builds up in their air condition units and suffer silently at home, unaware that the source of their breathing difficulty is nothing more insidious than a regular dust allergy. You should be sure to regularly and thoroughly clean your air conditioning unit out to ensure no harmful waste build-up and to make sure you breathe the best quality of the air you possibly can.

You can buy an air purifier for your office space to ensure you breathe the best quality of air and counteract any harmful chemicals or bacteria that may be lingering in your office.

What Is Lurking in Our Air?

There are many harmful chemicals, contaminants, and pollutants, that lurk in our air. For example, with a heightened temperature comes a gas called ozone which makes it very difficult for certain groups and demographics to breathe. The gas is a by-product of the sun reacting with oxygen and chemicals produced in large scale factories or even car exhausts. Those suffering from pre-existing breathing conditions are often hit worst by ozone, for example, COPD, or asthma. It irritates the delicate lining of your lungs and airways and causes inflammation.

With ozone comes other pollutants, one such pollutant is known as a particulate. Particulates are released when industrial fuel is burned and, although they are produced by cars, they mostly come from factories. These can cause very serious, albeit short-lasting, lung and respiratory problems.

Although well-meaning, our governments have failed largely to regulate our quality of air, even so much that in China the air is so polluted 90% of the population suffers, or will suffer at some point, from breathing and respiratory problems. A system set in place is offered by most governments across the world to track air pollution as per the day, so that if you do suffer from breathing problems, you can track the air quality and ensure you breathe the best air you possibly can.

What Pollutants Are in My Study and How do I Avoid Them?

It has been proven that your pets can actually release a substance called an allergen that causes allergies; as do mould, cockroaches, and mice. Depending on your furniture and how it was manufactured even they can release harmful chemicals; something as simple as a sofa or a desk-chair, even a mattress, can slowly poison you – there are a group of chemicals called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are released by the foam in most of the aforementioned. The only way to combat VOC pollution or poisoning is to buy non-VOC furniture which can be very expensive. For example, a normal VOC mattress can cost around £200.00 and last you a very long time; where-as a non-VOC mattress could cost upwards of £1,200 and have to be changed yearly, or bi-yearly. 

While they are better for your health, the cost is often not convenient, and can be detrimental to your savings account. An alternative is to buy low-VOC furniture, which is often rife with other chemicals, but still, is a better option.

An air purifier as previously mentioned can help to regulate the air you breathe, and if you shop for more conventional furniture, such as wooden chairs and desks, you will be less likely to encounter harmful chemicals and pollutants.

It seems most of the chemicals we suffer from in our current age are a by-product of the digital age, and with that came new diseases and poisons. You should ensure your air is the best you can make it, as your health is nothing to play with, and should not be taken lightly.

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