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How to buy and rebrand an Instagram account

buy and rebrand an Instagram account
Photo by Pixabay: www.pexels.com

Instagram has been a revolution in recent times as far as marketing tools are concerned. If you want to use social media to promote your business or brand, then this app can be useful.

Instagram is used mainly in smartphones and though it is just one of the tools for business. It cannot be ignored for the simple reason that today it has more than 80 million users already and growing daily.

Instagram has many benefits, especially when promoting your brand and products. It has helped to improve marketing strategies.  One of the key advantages is that you can post anything related to your business instantly and from anywhere.

One does not need to go to the office physically to do the job and can use the mobile app from the comfort of one’s home. Buying an Instagram account from reliable platforms like Accfarm ensures that the account for sale is a verified one.

Creating content for your product or business is not easy for everyone. Many are not savvy with words when it comes to describing themselves or their business. But capturing the details with a photograph is easy.

In social networks, photos work more than words and make promotion easier. One of the good things about Instagram is that it allows your products or services to look attractive. Even if they are uninteresting, the images make them look cool.

Having followers on Instagram is important. Here the followers know that the business displayed on the account is not spam and is genuine. The business also knows that the followers are there as they have found its brand attractive.

When a business uploads new products and services regularly and also links it to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it develops brand recognition and allows one to add more followers continuously.

Buying an Instagram account

Buying an Instagram account with followers gives a kickstart to your business. Many social media managers, agencies, and brands buy authentic Instagram accounts with real and active followers. Starting from scratch and building up a loyal follower base can be time-consuming and frustrating and require a lot of hard work.

Since Instagram is one of the best social media channels for advertisement and branding of one’s business/product. It has an extremely high engagement rate, but it does not necessarily mean that a new Instagram account will attract followers immediately.

The reason is that the Instagram algorithm only focuses on existing accounts with a wide follower base and a decent engagement track record.

The most important thing to keep in mind before buying a new Instagram account is that the seller should be a real person and exists. It should also have genuine followers instead of inactive accounts.

Check the account beforehand and it is very easy to recognize the fakes from the real ones from comments and emojis itself. One can take the help of tools that allows you to run a background check and see if the account is fake or not.

It is equally important that the account you are intending to buy aligns with your business before you go ahead with the deal.  It would be foolish to buy an account that deals in fashion and your business is all about hardware tools.

Before closing the purchase transaction of the account from a seller. One also needs to know whether the Instagram account is legitimate or not. Making a legal sales contract is a must with all the details of the transaction mentioned in it. 

Also, ensure that the payment is made to the rightful owner of the account. The ideal method of payment is to pay from some trusted source like PayPal or through bank transfers 

Before making the payment ensure that the seller provides you with the username and password. Ensure to log in, change the username and password, and delink it with other social media accounts as you move ahead as a new owner of the Instagram account. By doing this, you become the absolute owner of the account and have control over it from then on.

There are many agencies from where one can buy Instagram accounts. Buying from them is recommended as they can provide safety from fraudsters. One can review these service agencies and check their reliability before going for the actual account.

Many of these agencies can provide with you a buffet of accounts up for sale with various price tags. Once you’ve bought them look to read about the 42+ Best Instagram Automation Tools [Important Updates]

Rebranding Instagram account

Rebranding is a critical exercise and must be well-planned. Especially in this new age of social media where the audience response is immediate.  One must have a plan for a new direction especially if it is bought out of account.

From having a new username to a logo, the new brand must have a good all-around strategy with excellent visuals and exciting content to keep the interest going with the existing followers.

  • Creating new visuals after rebranding will give the followers an idea as to what new direction the brand is moving towards. As a Marketer, one has felt beforehand the new dashboard with new colour combinations and illustrations.
  • Once the new logo with different fonts and colour combinations is ready. It is time to upload new photographs of the products you intend to market.  More than word content, it is photography that will catch the viewers’ attention.
  • Create a new tone for the brand on Instagram. You may not discard entirely the previous brand board. But you can experiment by uploading more videos like YouTube videos or a Facebook cover photo to create new followers. You can experiment with new content like fresh posts and videos until it settles down. Remember, rebranding is a fresh start on an existing product. One has to be a little patient to get the desired results.

Finally, it makes sense to own an Instagram account if you happen to own a brand or service as this medium is the most effective way for branding and marketing your product.

This app is a remarkable online tool that helps you gain an instant presence in the market and reach out to the target audience in the shortest time. 

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