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How to Start a Mobile Mechanic Business in 2023

How to Start a Mobile Mechanic Business in 2023
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Have you also learned about the many benefits of starting a mobile mechanic business? Or are you a skilled mechanic who thinks that setting up a mobile mechanic business should be the next step? 

Whatever the case may be, this article is a complete guide that you need to set up a mobile mechanic business. Starting with a quick analysis of the profitability of a mobile mechanic business to the simplified steps in doing so, here you will find it all. 

So if you’re wondering, how to start a mobile mechanic business? We have got you covered.

What Is A Mobile Mechanic Business? 

The mobile automotive industry has been growing for many years. Surely, you must be familiar with auto repair shops and the important role they play in the vehicle industry. 

So what is a mobile mechanic business? A mobile mechanic simply refers to offering auto repair services in a mobile manner. 

If a customer is unable to start their car in the morning or finds themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, a mobile auto repair business will be able to help them out! 

All it takes is a phone call or an email to mobile mechanics to get quick vehicle maintenance or repair. Starting a mechanic shop or becoming a mobile mechanic actually has a lot of potential as well. 

Should You Start a Mobile Mechanic Business? 

You must have heard that there is nothing like having your own business. And if you have experience working at an auto repair shop or knowledge about auto repair businesses, becoming a mobile mechanic seems like a great fit. 

While visiting an auto repair shop still remains a popular choice, having a mobile mechanic available in any location of your preference is convenient. The demand for such services has been growing, along with an overall surge in the automotive industry. 

The world is full of mobile devices and technology is advancing so fast that it’s not too soon to be thinking about becoming a mobile mechanic or having your own auto repair shop.

The fact that people are carrying around more than one mobile device every day is only going to grow. This is a big trend and it has huge implications for the future of mobile mechanics.

When you consider the fact that auto repair is currently a billion-dollar industry and the potential of offering mobile mechanic repair services is huge, it becomes a natural decision to become a mobile mechanic. 

You can also have a look at some statistics and numbers to check the feasibility of becoming a mobile mechanic. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians grow by 5% between 2014 and 2024.

This means that the demand for mobile mechanics is strong. And when it comes to the profitability of becoming a mobile mechanic, you can look at the current income levels of mobile mechanics. 

The average mobile mechanic’s salary in the US is $97 thousand per year, which means the profitability of becoming a mobile mechanic or operating in the auto repair industry is there. 

Hence, it’s obvious that if you have the technical skills and entrepreneurial drive, it’s time to start your own mobile mechanic service. This line of work also makes a lot of sense if you have worked as an auto mechanic at a repair shop in the past. 

How To Start Your Own Mobile Mechanic Business in 2023? 

Mobile technology has created some new opportunities for the auto mechanics industry including people who own a repair shop, to get ahead of the competition. 

Consumers are increasingly turning to mobile apps to find and interact with car service professionals like mobile mechanics or people who own repair shops. Whether you’re interested in offering basic car repair services or specialized ones, there are plenty of ways you can get started today.

Here, we present a complete guide to becoming successful mobile mechanics. This guide will cover all the nuances you need to know before you can become a mobile mechanic or a business owner of auto maintenance services. 

Steps To Become A Business Owner of a Mobile Mechanic Service

If you have a history of being an auto mechanic with little or no experience in running a repair shop or any business for that matter, don’t worry. 

Our step-by-step guide on how to become an owner of a thriving mobile mechanic business is going to be all you need!

1. Make Sure You Understand the Industry

If you have worked as an auto mechanic, manager or any other related job role in a repair shop, chances are you must already have experience in the industry. And it really helps if you are a certified mechanic!

However to become a successful owner of an auto mechanic company, make sure you know how the industry works. 

You can also research-related business ideas to get a better understanding of how the industry works. 

At this stage, it helps to identify your target market and potential customers. Once you are familiar with that, try to look up how you can address their pain points through your repair job. 

2. Decide Which Niche to Focus On 

When it comes to starting your own vehicle maintenance services, you should have a complete menu of services you can offer. 

Decide which niche you will focus on and which auto mechanic services you will provide through your own shop. 

Some of the services that you can offer include: 

  • Repairing and replacing automotive engines
  • Performing general automotive and car repair
  • Powertrain repair services
  • Brake repair services
  • Scheduled and preventative car repair
  • Repairing and replacing automotive exhaust systems
  • Repairing and replacing mufflers during car repair
  • Repairing automotive transmissions
  • Repairing automotive brakes
  • Performing automotive electric repairs
  • Performing automotive wheel alignments
  • Repairing automotive radiators
  • Wheel alignment and repair service

Make sure you have developed a solid business plan. When writing up your business plan, remember the law requires you to provide several details, including a general description of what your business is; the location of the business; the general services or products your business will offer; and how your business will operate.

3. Set Up Your Business 

Once you have completed your market analysis and decided which auto mechanic services you will be offering, it’s time to set up your business.

  • Finalize your business name 
  • Get a business license from a local county clerk 
  • Apply for the Employer Identification Number at the Internal Revenue Service – you will use this for filing tax returns and other business documents
  • Apply for a state reseller’s license to buy your auto mechanic equipment at wholesale price and receive your sales tax identification number from your state’s department of revenue. You’ll have to file a sales tax return for the sales tax that you collect from customers as an independent repair shop or mobile mechanic.

Once you have applied for all necessary licenses and documents, set up your business online. The first and most obvious step is to build a website that showcases your logo, business name, and a menu of auto mechanic services. 

Now is the time to choose the legal status of your company. Being the shop owner, you can decide the legal entity of the business you want to set up – be it a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company. 

What really helps is looking up different legal structures of competitors, researching their advantages and disadvantages, and then choosing the one that best suits your needs!

Generally, you have the option of choosing between a General Partnership, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or a Sole Proprietorship for a business such as a mobile auto mechanic repair company.

For most small-scale entrepreneurs, a sole proprietorship is the best business structure. It’s also a good structure for starting a business because it limits the risk that an entrepreneur may take by investing all his or her time and energy into the company.

But, people prefer limited liability companies for many reasons.:

In fact, if your intention is to grow the business and operate all across the United States of America, then choosing sole proprietorship is not an option for you.

If you’re starting a business from scratch and are just looking to keep things simple, you might be better off going with a Limited Liability Company, LLC or even a general partnership.

5. Choose The Most Suitable Insurance Policy 

To start any business in the U.S. and in most other countries of the world, you’ll have to provide some basic insurance policies that are mandatory for the repair business and auto mechanic industry.

For the best possible service at the lowest possible cost, it is imperative that you create a budget for insurance policies and perhaps consult an insurance broker to help guide you in choosing the best and most appropriate policies for your auto mechanic repair business.

6. Start Setting Things Up 

Now is the time to really get in the ground and set things up! From getting a location for your office to assessing your equipment needs, you need to plan it all. You can also get helpful tips from others already engaged in a similar business. 

At this stage, it’s also a good idea to hire employees, depending on the scale of your car repair business. If you want to provide services at a scale and custom installations, it would make sense to have a bigger team. 

You should also calculate the total cost of setting up the business. Based on the cost and your services, you can calculate an hourly rate that you will charge the customers. 

You can also have charges based on services. For example, oil changes are going to have a different cost than other services. 

How much you charge customers is also based on your target market’s financial power and the quality of your car repair.

7. Advertise and Market Your Business 

Once things are up and running, it’s time to let everyone know that you are open for business!

List your business in local business publications and directories to let your clients know you’re open for business.

Print professional flyers, business cards, and inexpensive promotional materials. They’re perfect for your business and make a great conversation piece when you hand them out.

Leave these items at local car washes, gas stations, and eateries to attract customers as a new business.

Also leave your business card at a campground, RV Park, hotel, or motel because out-of-town guests who have car troubles might come across them.

At this stage, it also makes sense to target social media platforms to showcase your prowess in car repair along with customer reviews. Testimonials are a major factor in attracting new clients.

The Bottom Line 

Mobile auto repairs are booming. Car owners prefer mobile repair shops because they can drive to and from the shop, rather than driving to the dealer service shop and wasting time

Although it may not fit into the traditional philosophies of the business, the truth is that many car problems can be solved on-site.

If you are a dynamic person and a knowledgeable auto mechanic, then we strongly encourage you to launch your own auto repair service. 

Use our step-by-step guide for setting up a successful mobile mechanic business!

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