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How will the future of cars change the way you get around

The advancements in automotive technology in recent years have changed the game in terms of driving cars. From self-driving vehicles to innovative dashboard technologies and electric cars, there are many options available to drivers now. These are some of the ways that the future of cars will change how we get around.

Electric Vehicles

Electric cars have increased in popularity in recent years and as people make the switch to a more sustainable and eco-friendlier lifestyle, it’s likely that they’ll become the go-to choice. In fact, studies suggest that by 2040, 35 percent of global new car sales will be fully electric. Battery-operated cars replace the need for complex distribution systems that incorporate gas, oil, water, air and exhaust gases. Fueling with electricity provides additional benefits besides the environmental benefits – EVs react quickly and are very responsive, as well as being more digitally connected than conventional cars. The most famous EV is the Prius – renting a Prius is a great way of testing this technology for yourself.

Autonomous Cars

The reality of fully autonomous cars might be a while off yet, but it’s something that seems to be an inevitable addition to the world of automotives. This technology will completely transform the way we travel, from providing accessibility for people who cannot drive to quicker commute times and better air quality from the use of electric vehicles over standard cars. Automation is already increasing in the cars we see today, from vehicles maintaining an appropriate distance from cars ahead to the ability to self-park and stay within lanes. As that technology evolves, cars will be able to do more and more without the need for human interaction. Several car manufacturers, as well as companies like Apple, Google and Uber, are working on fully autonomous vehicles so it won’t be long until they will be changing our transport.

Radar Sensors

Built-in radar sensors are a welcome lifetime that will go hand-in-hand with the self-driving cars of tomorrow. But they’re also key to how we’ll get around more safely in the future. The new Prius models are already showcasing this technology, using in-vehicle cameras and lasers to determine the potential for collisions with oncoming cars and prompting the driver to take action. These sensors will make life on the road much safer for drivers and help to detect potential accidents from hundreds of feet ahead, minimising the chance of crashes occurring.

Driver Override Systems

This technology might seem like the same thing as self-drive cars, but there’s a difference. With driver override systems, the vehicle would be able to completely disregard the driver’s commands and make decisions on its own. This technology would be beneficial in the event of a potential car crash, for example. Automatic breaking is already a technology in modern cars and by 2020, it’s expected that most new cars will be able to apply the brakes even if the driver is pressing hard on the accelerator.

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