Using aims and objectives to create a business strategy
A Kellogg's case study

Page 1: Introduction

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When preparing a strategy for success, a business needs to be clear about what it wants to achieve. It needs to know how it is going to turn its desires into reality in the face of intense competition. Setting clear and specific aims and objectives is vital for a business to compete. However, a business must also be aware of why it is different to others in the same market. This case study...
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Page 2: The market

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The value of the UK cereals market is around £1.1 billion per year. Kellogg's has a 42% market shareof the value of the UK's breakfast cereal market. The company has developed a range of products for the segments within this market, targeted at all age groups over three years old. This includes 39 brands of cereals as well as different types of cereal bars. Consumers of cereal products...
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Page 3: Creating business objectives

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Having set an aim, managers make plans which include the right actions. These ensure that the aim is met. For an aim to be successful, it must be supported by specific business objectives that can be measured. Each of the objectives set for Kellogg's was designed to contribute to a specified aim. Kellogg's objectives were to: encourage and support physical activity among all sectors of the...
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Page 4: Strategy

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Having created an aim and set objectives, Kellogg's put in place a process of planning to develop a strategy and a series of actions. These activities were designed to meet the stated aim and range of business objectives. Supporting improved food labelling In the area of food labelling, Kellogg's introduced the Kellogg's GDAs to its packaging, showing the recommended Guideline Daily Amounts. These...
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Page 5: Communicating the strategy

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Effective communication is vital for any strategy to be successful. Kellogg's success is due to how well it communicated its objectives to consumers to help them consider how to 'Get the Balance Right'. It developed different forms of communication to convey the message 'eat to be fit' to all its customers. External communication External communication takes place between an organisation and the...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Research undertaken by Kellogg's as part of the 2005 Family Health Study emphasised that a balanced diet as well as regular exercise were essential for good all round health and wellbeing. Kellogg's is demonstrating good corporate responsibility by promoting and communicating this message whenever it can and by investing money in the appropriate activities. This was the broad aim. To achieve...
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