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Protecting Business Assets the Right Way

Are your company’s assets protected? There’s a lot more to that concept than making sure warehouses and office are locked up at night. It’s a wide-ranging challenge that encompasses everything of value that is legally owned by the business. A short list of items that fall under the definition includes things like physical goods ready for sale, office equipment of all kinds, intellectual property, vehicles, documents, electronic records, buildings, bank accounts, and cash on hand. What’s the best way of protecting each category of assets? Here’s a summary of how to maintain security for the most common items businesses own:

Use Fleet Management Solutions

Vehicles are expensive. It’s imperative to keep close tabs on every component of the company fleet, and a GPS fleet tracking system can get the job done efficiently and economically. Of course, tracking commercial vehicles is about much more than asset protection. GPS systems help your organization meet strict compliance standards, keep drivers safe, streamline the entire delivery process, and keep customers happy. But when you want to know the location and condition of any of your rolling assets, fleet tracking will give you a ready answer. For many companies in the delivery business, a vehicle fleet represents the single largest physical asset they own. It only makes sense to use the best GPS tracking solutions to keep watch over such an essential investment.

Do Not Neglect Physical Security

In the digital age, when sophisticated IT programs come at a reasonable price and take care of dozens of chores, it is easy to forget about physical security. That means locks, doors, safes, dead-bolts, and dozens of other old-fashioned devices. However, the concept of physical security might be dated, but the devices are not. For instance, some of the latest smart locks, access control systems, and coded entry pads are super-sophisticated. They also come with the option of remote operation, as do a whole product line of surveillance cameras, motion-detectors, and ID scanners. Speak with a locksmith who specializes in commercial devices and systems. The upfront cost often includes installation, long-term maintenance, and regular upgrades.

Protect Intellectual Property

You will need legal assistance to guard your organization’s intellectual assets, or IP (intellectual property). The definition covers things like copyrights, patents, formulas, processes, trademarks, advertising slogans, logos, and more. In fact, it’s common for IT companies’ assets to consist almost entirely of IP, at least in terms of dollar value. Keeping IP safe is not a simple job; it requires following detailed legal guidelines and regulations. The best way to keep your company’s secrets and other IP from prying eyes is to consult a lawyer who specializes in protecting intellectual property based on reliable, legal methods.

Use Proper Inventory Storage Methods

If you sell goods to wholesalers or directly to retail customers, it is necessary to manage inventory and prevent goods from being damaged while in storage. Every category of physical inventory has its own protocols for safe, hygienic, economical, convenient storage. It usually makes good sense to find a warehouse or similar facility that offers temperature-controlled environments, round-the-clock security and has locations near your main office.

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