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Some of the best ideas to start an online business that make money

Starting an online business is an awesome idea as it has some great benefits. For example, you do not need a lot of money to build your store or an office. Building an office or a store can cost you a lot of money, but building an online website is rather cheap. Another great benefit is you have a lot of potential customers online that are ready to buy your products. You do not need to go pay thousands of dollars to advertising companies for your business. If you have some technical knowledge of website and some maintenance skills, you can start your online business in a day.  In this article, we are going to share some great online business ideas that will help you make money.

You Can Start A Blog

Well, starting a blog such as a listicle blog is a good idea to make some fortune. You do not need a lot of time setting up a blog. You just need an hour and 20 bucks to start your blog. If you put some more time then you will be able to earn more. Some sites create compelling content for their readers. You can do this too by searching some good stories on social media and then rewrite them in your own words with detail and publish the content on your blog. It is a really simple idea but profitable.

Many websites are doing this such as ViralNova. This site was made by a single man and then he hired some content writers to rewrite viral content. After publishing content on your website, you need some promotion on social media sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook Twitter. After a few months, you will start getting organic traffic. You can monetize your site with AdSense to cover your costs.

Make Your Brand

You can start your online store under your brand name. If you have some skills like creating unique things then you do not need to sell another’s product. You can make an online store for selling your products.  One of the best examples is https://www.floraqueen.com/ which is an online flower bouquet store. They sell fresh flowers in different countries. You can make money too by selling your products. You can sell anything you want from printed shorts, kid toys, flowers, etc.

Affiliate Marrketing

If you do not have your product then you can make money by selling other people’s product. They will give you a commission on every successful sale. No matter, what is the source whether it is on eBay or from their website. There is a benefit of affiliate marketing that you do not need to sell other people products.

One of the best affiliate sites is Amazon Affiliates. They pay a good dollar on every successful sale. You just need to create an account on their website. After making an account, select a product you want to sell and copy the referral link. Any product sold from your referral link will help you get a commission. The commission you receive from a sale depends on the product. Normally, they pay 8% commission on every sale. There are some other trusted affiliate networks too that you can use.

Develop Smartphone Applications

You can also develop a smartphone app and can sell it on apple and google play store. Every second person has a smartphone these days. People use a different kind of applications; hence the popularity of apps is increasing. If you have some development skills then you can develop a great smartphone app and can sell online. The best thing about the app is they do not involve any shipping and the cost of developing an app is almost 0$. Moreover, you can monetize your apps with ads which is a good income strategy.

Domain Buying and Selling

Another great online business idea is to buy and sell the domains. However, this idea needs a lot of time and investment. You can search for a domain name and then buy it from the registrar. You need to do some homework on which domain name you should buy. There are sites like sedo.co.uk which will you can use to get an idea. You can also search online for a list of expired domains. You can buy such domain and can sell it online at a higher price.

Forex Trading

Investing in trading is a very risky business and some people will advise you to stay away. Well, it is true because to do this you need to have proper knowledge of this field. There is a high risk of losing your money in forex trading. Even people with proper knowledge cannot assure your success in this business.


Some platforms allow you to open your online store. Shopify is one of such platforms that allows you to open an e-commerce store. There is not much investment in opening such a store with methods like dropshipping. With this method, you do not need to buy and store the products in a warehouse. You just need to build an online store and need to sell the product. The drop shipper will do the rest for shipping the product to the customer.

Professional Freelancer

If you have some skills such as writing, web development, graphic designing then you can use this skill to work online. There are many freelancing websites that you can use to find clients. The company list a project on these websites. The freelancers will then bid on the project.

Launch Your Blog

Last but not least, you can start your online business by launching a blog. If you like to write content and very passionate about it. Then creating a blog is a great business idea for you. Making a blog is not that difficult as you do not need programming or other technical skills. Pick a niche you are interested in and then start writing the articles on that niche.

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