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The Best Alternative For AMZ Scout

With countless competitors from every niche worldwide, Amazon sellers are not only required to be as innovative as possible. They also need to find and leverage various tools and software solutions that will provide them with a competitive advantage. Fortunately for online sellers, many great tools are available on the market. One of the most popular software solutions is AMZScout.

AMZScout not only will allow you to gather and use valuable insights, but it will also give you a better idea of how you should optimize your strategies and make better decisions to increase sales and profit. Product research tools will provide you with a better understanding of the Amazon marketplace by showing you metrics and tracking your products.

Three other software solutions are as good as AMZScout, or even better. Read what other features these solutions offer and what their price is.

IO Scout

IO Scout is an all-in-one software solution for Amazon sellers that will ultimately help you run a successful selling business on this platform. All the tools included in this software solution are very useful and reflect with the highest data accuracy.

IO Scout FBA Calculator for Amazon and IO Scout Sales Estimator are free Amazon seller tools available on IO Scout’s official website.

IO Scout also features Amazon Chrome Extension that will provide sellers with the crucial data right there on Amazon pages.

Product Finder is an essential tool that will help you find product ideas with high margin and low competition. With an infinite number of searches and customizing filters, you will be able to find winning product ideas and new profitable niches on a dime.

If you want to track trends, product seasonality, rank and keyword trends, IO Scout’s Product Tracker is there to support you. Sellers who leverage this tool can follow the competitor’s pricing strategies to set competitive and profitable prices. All product ideas are available in one place and sorted by category and niche. This tool also provides you with the ability to find high-quality suppliers worldwide and turn your product ideas into inventory.

Trends and History feature will let you keep an eye at any price fluctuations over time, seasonal trends, etc.

If you’re searching for the right keywords to implement in your product listings, Keyword Scout got you covered. This tool has all the valuable information about keywords.

Listing Optimization feature will help you build top-notch listings that will convert and drive more organic traffic.

Another great thing about this software solution is sellers’ personal assistant, available 24/7 for any consulting regarding Amazon online business. If you’re uncertain about anything regarding your online selling business, you can contact your personal assistant with broad experience to help you.

IO Scout is the best alternative for AMZ Scout, and even better because it offers all tools available within other software solutions, a personal assistant, and the lowest price on the market. You can leverage this excellent solution for Amazon sellers from an incredible $14.50 per month if you choose an annual subscription. Also, there is a 14-day money-back-guarantee!

Jungle Scout

Product Tracker by Jungle Scout is created to track products’ BSR, revenue, sales, etc. daily. The insights you get by following items over time represent valuable data that will help you make better decisions.

The Opportunity Finder feature will help you discover keywords that are high in demand with low competition, and it will point out the gaps in the market where you can rank highly.

If you’re looking for products with specific criteria, the Product Database feature is there to support you.

Keyword Scout from Jungle Scout will show you the keywords and their search volume, and reverse-search with ASINs for both sponsored and organic keyword ranking data. Also, you can pull out the historical data about keywords performance in the last two years.

The Rank Tracker is a feature created for data analysis of keywords. With this tool, you will be able to track historical keyword performance and discover which ones affect your product listings. The same goes for your competitor keywords so you can spy on your rivals too.

The Listing builder tool is recently added to the list of Jungle Scout features. As the name itself speaks, it’s a tool for product listing optimization.

Jungle Scout offers several other tools within their comprehensive solution, for a price starting from $39 per month for their Basic pricing plan.

Helium 10

This software solution offers a variety of exciting features, and it represents a solid alternative to AMZScout.

With the Black Box tool, you can quickly utilize advanced filters to find profitable niches and product ideas.

The Scribbles listing optimization feature will help you boost your conversion rates by assuring your keywords are properly implemented within the product’s title, description, etc.

If you’re looking for keywords with the highest potential, you can leverage the Frankenstein feature. This tool will point out the high-volume keywords.

The Keyword Tracker feature is created so that sellers can track any changes in keyword rankings over time.

The Cerebro Reverse ASIN Lookup feature allows you to spy on your rivals and use their proven keyword strategies to rank better. You can determine the estimated keyword search volume, estimated broad keyword search volume, etc.

Helium 10 has an interactive seller dashboard feature that will allow you to follow all of your profits in one place.

The X-ray browser extension will show you a detailed report about any chosen product, right there on Amazon pages.

Several tools from Helium 10 are available for free, but if you want to use this software solution to the fullest and maximize your selling potential, you need to subscribe to one of their pricing plans, starting from $37 per month.

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