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Three popular ways to invest in a company

When most people hear the word trading they immediately think of stock trading and the typical trading floors on Wall Street in New York. But what many don’t realize is that there are many more ways one can invest in a company, and depending on what you want to get out of your investment, certain methods are better than others.

Because of this, it’s advisable that you educate yourself on your opportunities before you dive head first into your first investment. In this article, we’ll outline three of the best ways to invest in companies.

Stock Trading – The Most Common Way of Investing in Companies

Stock trading is the most popular way of investing in companies. It’s a fundamental part of today’s financial system and something that attracts millions of investors every year.

Generally speaking, stock trading is done with companies that have been publicly listed on a stock exchange. The idea is that you buy small parts (called stocks or shares) of a company with the goal of being able to sell them for profit in the future.

As a private person, there are several ways you can buy stocks, and it almost always includes using some sort of a stockbroker. The broker can be a person, a bank, a company, or an online service that puts you in contact with the stock exchange where the company is listed. One of the many benefits of using a broker is that they can provide market insights and trading advice or access to industry leading analytic tools so that you can plan your investments in the best way possible.

When you buy shares in a company, you become a shareholder and you are given an opportunity to influence that company through a voting system. Some companies have different stocks that offer different amounts of influence. In exchange for the right to vote and profit from the company’s growth, the company can use the invested money to run the business. However, the company is also obligated to pay your money back whenever you decide to sell your stocks.

This type of company investment offers an array of interesting opportunities since stock prices range from a few cents per share (penny stocks) to thousands of dollars (blue chip stocks). This means that stocks are suitable for any type of trader regardless of the amount of money one is willing to invest. Stock trading is also equally as suitable for day traders as it is for long-term investments that stretch over several years.

Note that a company doesn’t have to be publicly traded in order to offer stocks to investors. In those cases, the stocks are sold directly by the company, and the process is a bit different from regular stock trading.

Private Equity and Becoming a Part Owner

Private equity investments is a type of company investment that is available for both publicly listed and private companies. The idea is that you invest in companies that are looking for funding to help the company develop.

The concept of private equity is that one investor or a group of investors give a company money. In exchange, the investor will receive and equity stake in the company, interest on the loan while it’s being paid back, and often they become a partner or get a seat at the board. Many times a company will also look advice on how to run the company, which means this type of investment usually isn’t available for regular everyday people.

A good example of private equity investments is the popular TV show called Shark Tank where small business owners pitch their business plans to a group of well-known investors. The goal is for the business owner to convince one of the investors to invest their money in the company and offer them their expertise.

This type of investment is either done in smaller companies that have recently gotten started and that needs help getting on their feet. Or it involves major financial firms investing in companies that need help avoiding bankruptcy or are looking to expand their business and need funding to support the venture.

CFD Trading – Stock Trading Online

Contract for Difference (CFD) is a speculative investment method that doesn’t include an actual investment in an asset. Instead, you speculate on stock prices, and your job is to predict in which way a specific stock will move and then buy a contract the represents that movement.

CFD trading is done online using CFD brokers, and there is no official market meaning the companies you invest in don’t get your money. Instead, the trades are done between two parties – the investor and the broker. One of the benefits of CFD trading is that you decide how much you want to invest and you’re not limited to stock prices. For example, you can invest $10 in a company stock that sells for $1,000 on the stock market.

Almost all CFD trades are leveraged meaning the broker provides a margin to the investor in order to give them an increased investment power. Because of this system, CFD trading allows for great profit from smaller market movements.

Lately, CFD trading has become increasingly popular among professional day traders since it offers good opportunities to diversify a portfolio on several different markets. Leverage trading is also perfect for intraday trading.

Unfortunately, CFD trading has a bit of a bad reputation among some traders due to a few select scams that have been around. However, if you make sure to only use regulated brokers like IQ Option (read IQ Option review here) your safety is guaranteed.


There are many ways that one can invest in companies and you should know about your options before you get started. Depending on your level of knowledge, preferred strategy, and planned investment time, some options might fit you better than others.

For example, regular stock trading on the stock market is good for people that are looking for long-term investment opportunities as well as day trading opportunities. Equity investment is for people that want to be a part of a company and benefit from interest rates over a long period of time, and CFD trading is the optimal way to day trade stocks online.

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