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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Birth Injury Lawyer

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If you are highly certain or even have suspicions that you are a birth injury victim due to medical negligence, you should instantly contact Baltimore birth injury lawyers. A lawyer will help you get the justice you rightfully deserve. 

Below are three primary reasons you should consider hiring a birth injury lawyer.

1. An attorney will help you identify a medical malpractice claim

Some physical injuries, such as uterus bleeding, bruising, and genital soreness, are inevitable and cannot be avoided during childbirth. To the common person, it may be difficult to distinguish between non-preventable injuries and those that directly harm a child’s health and are hence, legally categorized as medical malpractice. These injuries may include the following:

a. Mal-use of Surgical Instruments

Under normal conditions, medical staff should not use surgical instruments during childbirth unless highly necessary. In some circumstances, however, surgery is required, and hence doctors and staff have to use sharp forceps and extraction devices. If such instruments are used inappropriately by the doctor, the fetus may undergo traumatic injury, which can subsequently lead to long-lasting damage.

b. Delay in Performing C-Section

In many cases, the fetus has abnormal orientation inside the uterus, which makes normal vaginal delivery impossible. In such situations, the doctor instantly advises the patient to undergo C-section. If the doctor makes the call after a significant time delay, the mother and the fetus may experience substantial pain during the surgery. Since this emotional and physical abuse directly results from the doctor’s incompetency, they should be held accountable and made to pay the price.

c. Brachial Plexus Trauma

The brachial plexus is a network of nerves located in the posterior triangle of the neck and innervates the whole upper limb. During vaginal delivery, the cranial part of the fetus may become stuck. If the doctor places too much pressure on pushing the fetus out, the fetus may suffer from brachial plexus injury. It can result in serious nerve damage and paralyze upper limb muscles, causing the child to be handicapped.

An attorney will help you identify whether you were a victim of medical malpractice and, if so, file an instant case for you so that you get speedy justice for your loss.

2. Get your losses accurately compensated

Stipulating an accurate cost of your damage is more difficult than it seems. Aside from the financial burden of extra medical tests, operations, and medicines, lawyers also factor in the amount of physiological trauma and physical pain their client has gone through into the holistic sum. Your birth injury lawyer will also look at every little cost of all the expenses you had to bear to ensure your financial losses are compensated. 

3. Help improve long-term quality of care standards by holding doctors accountable

It is quite true that child delivery is a complex task, and some may argue that tiny slips are bound to be made. However, some risks can be avoided, and a well-trained medical staff ensures minimal errors and excellent quality of care. Proper medical attention is the least a mother deserves in this physically exhausting condition. By actively pursuing a medical malpractice claim, you will not only get individual justice for your loss but also ensure that the same medical facility implements better patient care in the future.

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