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Top seven advantages of freelancing

Do you want to become a freelancer? But little bit confused about it, then this article is dedicated to you especially. Before that, I would like to share some of my experience of my life before being a freelancer.

Before being a full-time freelancer I used to do a job in an office in a pretty high rank. But I quit that job. You can ask me why did I quit that job? The answer is pretty easy I guess. I hope you can understand the reason why I quit that job. In case you can’t identify I am telling you the core reason why I quit that job.

The reason was nothing but ‘freedom’ my friend, in my previous job there was no freedom of work, as a result, I was mentally depressed and become mentally sick due to the workload and excessive mental pressure.

Now I am going to share the reasons why I became a freelancer and what are the advantages of becoming a freelancer. I hope after reading the lists full of advantages I will help you to clear up your confusion about becoming a freelancer.

Freedom of Work:

As I have mentioned to you earlier the best thing about becoming a freelancer you can get the freedom of work. You can choose your working hours according to your sweet will. You can even choose your clients and work for them. In a nutshell, you will feel the full freedom by being a freelancer.

Work Whenever You Want:

By being a freelancer you can work at a stretch or give break. Even you can work only once or twice in a week or whatever you like. In a word, a freelancer can choose his working period according to his sweet will which is totally impossible to get to any other jobs available in the society.

There is no bound of the particular place where you need to attain and execute the job instead of that you can work in a park, at the library, or in your living room. Even you can work for united debt service while you’re wearing your shorts!

You’re the Boss

Being a freelancer you will find that there is no one who can command you, in fact, you can take your own decision which is totally impossible in other regular jobs. As a result, you can do whatever you like more specifically you can get rid of your boss’s interfering with your job. In a nutshell, you will be able to find comfort in your life.

All Profit is Yours

In freelancing profession, you are like a free bird. As a result, all your income only belongs to you. Moreover, you can fix the rate of your work and increase it gradually according to your skill. On the other hand, the regular job does not allow anyone to increase their rate instead of being experienced. In a word being a freelancer you need not work at a flat rate for a long time, in fact, you can control your rate and keep all the profit to you which was previously impossible.

So I personally think that freelancing can be considered as side jobs for college students which will help them to supply financial money. So college students why are you waiting for?

Unleash Your Creativity:

You can illuminate your creativity in freelancing.  Because you don’t need to answer phones from different clients, co-workers talking, meetings etc. In a word, you will find a suitable environment surround you by being a freelancer which will help you to unleash your creativity.

By being creative you can find many freelance writing opportunities which allow for earning a handsome amount. That’s why always remember creativity is very important in a freelancing career.

You can pivot at any time:

Being a freelancer you have the freedom to execute the job according to your own ideas. In the corporate world, this is not easy and thinkable to work according to your own ideas. Often there are several meetings and approvals to be granted before a decision to switch is made. That process can be tedious, and costly.

More Motivated:

As you can have a control over time schedule, location and most importantly on income by being a freelancer, then defiantly freelancer helps to keep us motivated more than regular jobs. In a recent study, economists show that freelancing is more secure than the so-called corporate jobs. For all these reasons you can feel the enthusiasm and self-motivated all the time.

Suppose someone asked you to write a resume for him as you are a free bird you can easily increase freelance resume writing rates overnight and execute your own idea. And the whole thing will motivate you and help you to become enthusiastic.

At the end of the day, I would like to say that if you are really want to become a freelancer then you need to be focused on it. By being focused on your goal it will be more easy for you to earn through freelancing and lead a better life where you can balance your life and job. Last but not the least, try to use almost all the opportunities to find courses on particular skill on depending that you can become a freelancer. In a word, I hope all the advantages that I have discussed above will help you to motivate yourself to become a freelancer.

If you still have any confusion regarding our writing you can simply comment in the comment section below and we will try our level best to answer them. Any suggestion regarding this topic is also appreciable.

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