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What is a white label DSP and why you want one?

If you operate in the field of digital marketing, a Demand Side Platform (or; DSP) that enables you to launch/run mobile display campaigns, can be a marketing technique that in terms of ROI – is more valuable than for example SEA, SEO or email-marketing.

Mobile display advertising – either based on native or normal ads – is the biggest marketing discipline in terms of reach and budget. Why? Because the whole world is on its phone all day, every day. The sites and apps that consumers visit/use depend on selling their advertising-space to advertisers. So,while f.e. Adwords/SEA is hard to scale (simply because there is always a limit regarding the amount of searches a certain keyword has), mobile display advertising isn’t.

So why not use a self-serve account from any DSP that gives you confidence (instead of getting a White Label DSP)?

A White Label DSP gives you the following options (that a normal self-serve access doesn’t uphold):• The platform can be based on your company-colors• The platform can have your logo• The platform can be based onb whatever url you desire.o F.e; https://dsp.name-of-your-company.com• You can give your clients accounts in which they can deploy their own campaignso Even giving your clients self-serve access (within your White Label DSP) is possible• A good White Label DSP solution also gives you the following options:o Custom pixelso Custom DNS settings of domain you wish to reside your White Label DSP on

Essentially you could service your clients as if you were to own a real Demand Side Platform, without the many tens of millions needed to build and maintain such a platform.

Targetoo is one of the few providers of White Label DSP solutions. For a reasonably low one-time fee you can have a White label DSP. After the one-time fee, Targetoo charges between 8 and 21% on mediaspend. Targetoo offers acute technical support, creative services and much more handy features that enable you to provide growth to your clients. Thus,  helping you/your media agency – grow.

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