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What online slots have highest payout

 When deciding on what slot game they are going to play next, players consider a whole host of factors. Some are very picky when it comes to the game’s graphics and the way colours and shadows interact with each other. Many opt for interesting storylines and engaging soundtracks that allow them to effortlessly dive into the game. There are those, as well, who only want to be distracted so they can relax from a stressful day at work. 

Now, we know that a certain part of players simply don’t care about profit and they don’t necessarily consider this to be a decisive feature. However, probably the most important characteristic of every online slot game is its RTP. It would be pointless to try to define the best online slots experience before we carefully analyze this crucial unknown of the online slots equation.  

In this review, we bring to you a list of the very best online slots currently available on the market. The only ranking factor is the game’s RTP and the better the game ranks the higher its Return to Player. If you want to learn what online slots may bring you the best profits, stay tuned! 

What Is RTP?

Since RTP stands for Return to Player, it determines the amount of money a slot will pay back to every player over a substantial number of spins. In the great majority of cases, it’s written as a percentage. If the slot’s RTP is, for example, 93% this means it will pay back £93 for every £100 it takes. This information allows you to successfully predict how much money you might lose or win. 

Complex Math Behind RTP 

Probably the most difficult problem all game developers have to solve, is to properly set up a slot game’s RTP. The bigger the game the more complicated this procedure is. However, a slot game cannot be launched until its RTP is carefully tested and authorized. In the end, it all has to function flawlessly and if the RTP is 95%, the slot has to return £95 for every £100 it takes. The number of spins may be infinitely larger, but this percentage has to remain the same.

Also, we could dig deep into this subject and try to find out what online casinos offer the best Return to Player. According to some recent statistics, the ICE36, a UK online casino, is far ahead of the competition but this is not our subject today. Our goal is to figure out what are the most generous online slot games. So let’s give it a try! 

Are Variance and RTP the Same Thing? 

Most players can’t distinguish between these two. Here’s the catch! Since you already know what RTP is, you should remember that the variance is how RTP is implemented. Lower variance means more small hits and higher variance means fewer hits and bigger profits. This means that even if an online slot has a rather high RTP, it still doesn’t necessarily have to be good for your pocket. 

Fake Data 

Keep in mind that some online casinos and software providers may advertise false RTPs just to sell their game. Even though this is a rather fruitless, short term tactic, many still apply it. The best approach would be to try to improve their overall online casino marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many find this task to be too complicated and they give up before they even began. 

Online Slots With Highest RTP

Our team of dedicated experts conducted thorough research and we did our best to locate the most lucrative online slots. Even though the selection process was pretty tiring and time-consuming, we are proud to say we did it. They are as follows: 

  • Mega Joker — 99%
  • Jackpot 6000 — 98.8%
  • Chess Mate — 98.7%
  • Bloodsuckers — 98% 
  • Starmania — 97.87% 

In the end, we should mention that these percentages are subject to change. Some games might be updated and some might be changed due to other reasons. The most important thing is to stay up to date with all the latest news so that you can plan your actions accordingly.

We wish you the best of luck! 

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