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What To Do In Noord-Holland: Five Recommendations From A Local

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The province of Noord-Holland stretches north from Amsterdam to the island of Texel, its polder landscapes of green, pancake-flat fields punctuated by hundreds of drainage canals and ditches. Its expansive horizons are only disturbed by the occasional farmhouse or windmill. The province’s west coast is protected from the ocean by a long belt of dunes, which is itself protected by long and broad sandy beaches, which attract holidaying Dutch.

Along this sharply indented coast, there is a series of historic seaports that thrived from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries because of marine trade with the Baltic. Thus, planning to Noord-Holland can be the most exciting trip. And to make it even more beneficial, rent a car at Amsterdam airport and discover many beautiful things to see during your trip.

Five recommendations to consider from a local when in Noord-Holland

Visit The Local Towns & Villages

Noord-Holland is brimming with charming tiny towns and villages. The locations are simply a short day’s drive from Amsterdam, and the best thing is that almost no one has ever heard of them. It implies that if you want to enjoy peaceful and scenic settings you must visit the unexplored territory of Noord-Holland. Visit the beautiful local towns or villages like De Rijp, Kolhorn, and Schoorl or Nieuwe Niedorp by booking a car rental Holland.

Explore The West Frisian market

The West Friese, or West Frisian, market in Schagen is one of the numerous traditional marketplaces in The Netherlands. Schagen is in the province of West Friesland. You can discover the traditional West Frisian clothes, play old-fashioned games, watch traditional dances, and do much more. Starting on the first Thursday of July, there will be ten markets in all.

Visit Alkmaar – Cheese Market

The cheese market in Alkmaar, Noord Holland, is one of the major tourist attractions in the Netherlands. Since the 1300s, cheese has been sold in large quantities in Alkmaar’s plaza, which draws a large population throughout the season. Most individuals enjoy cheese because it tastes delicious. This Kaasmarkt is now available for visitors, but the original auction procedures and attire remain the same. Additionally, Alkmaar’s old town centre is lovely for wandering about and enjoying the outdoor cafés, pubs, and restaurants. So, if you like cheese and want to experience different varieties, the Alkmaar Cheese Market will be a great place to visit.


With so much water in the creeks and rivers, canoeing should be on your Noord-Holland bucket list. And, fortunately for you, there are several gorgeous paths to choose from here. You can go from De Luwe Stek in Waarland to De Weel and return. It is simple, yet you will still appreciate the surroundings. Another lovely spot for kayaking is the region near Julianadorp and Den Helder.

Visit the uninhabited islands

If you are looking for more unexplored areas, then look for a parking space called Kaphoofd. It is a unique place and you can witness the inhabited Dutch Island called Noorderhaaks or Razende Bol famous as a resting area for seabirds and seals. They are always moving and changing because of the Wadden Sea and the tides of the North Sea. Carry small binoculars to witness the far-away beauty too.

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