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7 helpful tips to provide an excellent experience for your hotel guests

Hotel owners and managers—did you know that improving your customer experience for your guests could save you both valuable time and money? Excellent guest service is essential for increasing revenue, and it is helpful for repeat business and brand development. You might not be able to control your location, certain aspects of your building, or even some of the amenities you are able to provide, but you can completely revolutionize your customer service and how you impact a hotel stay.

What does excellent customer service mean?

Over 33 percent of travelers cited that they would be willing to switch hotels after one incident of poor customer service. While best customer service varies from hotel to hotel, there are some commonalities that we find in the industry that are essential to attracting and keeping business:

A Reputable Hotel:

  • Remains detail-oriented; all aspects of a customer’s stay are important to attend to
  • Is concerned with creating a personalized experience. Birthdays and anniversaries are excellent opportunities to customize a stay and make it memorable
  • Creatively attends to the small things to go above and beyond customer expectations

That being said, what can you do to go above and beyond for your customers? Your guests are the lifeblood of your business, and keeping them happy is essential for business profitability. Here are 7 helpful tips to provide an excellent experience for your guests:

  1. Be kind

A hotel where the staff is committed to being kind and caring in every situation will be remembered for providing an exceptional experience for their guests. Consider the use of a service to provide excellent service; check out richardjay.com.au for all of your cleaning needs. Collecting dirty linens and washing them for guests might not be the most glamorous job on the planet, but if done with a smile on the face and a spring in your step, you communicate to your guests that you like being here, and you love serving them. You will be remembered when future visits are in order.

  1. Give little tokens of appreciation

While your budget for guest amenities might not be large, providing little tokens of appreciation for your guests is going above and beyond what many would expect. Use little things as excuses for celebration—bring in balloons, champagne, chocolate, and flowers to freshen up rooms and make guests feel extra special. The little things can mean a lot, especially if they are delivered with pomp and circumstance; go overboard and make all of your guests feel valued and appreciated.

  1. Go out of your way!

Whether it’s providing a top-notch hot breakfast on the house, or hand-delivering chocolates and Irish cream on cold winter nights, going out of your way to provide the best experience possible will keep your guests coming back for more.

  1. Empower your staff to make service decisions as well

When it comes to being the face of your hotel, your staff is it! They should be given license to make decisions with regard to what is best for guests as well. Train them in the fine art of customer service, and see to it than they don’t want to go anywhere else but your fine establishment when traveling.

  1. Send personalized emails

Nothing says personal attention like a personal note or email; tell guests that you are excited for their arrival and that you’ll be at their beck and call with an email confirming their registration. After departure, a hand-written note thanking them for their business will keep you at the forefront of their minds when it comes time to make the next reservation.

  1. Ask!

When in doubt, ask! Customers’ needs are as varied as the customers themselves, and it will be almost impossible to please everyone with a cookie-cutter standard of service. Check in with your guests and ask for their feedback; ask what their expectations are of certain aspects of your hotel experience, and seek to make changes if they are not completely satisfied with what you have to offer. If they know you are attentive to their needs, they are more likely to give you repeat business, even if they are not happy with some aspect of their stay.

  1. Commit to being legendary

Doing those things that truly set you apart will allow your customer service skills to shine through. How about singing behind the front desk counter periodically to make announcements? If that is not your cuppa tea, what about offering a manicure service or “sleep station” where guests can purchase some upgrades to make their experience more fun? Of course, offering plenty of complementary freebies will keep guests coming back for more as well; how about a pizza and movie experience in the common area to get guests out and mingling? Going the extra mile and offering things that other hotels just can’t will make you a legend in your industry.

You can experience steady business if you commit to putting the guest first. Having a little imagination, committing to be the best, and doing what is needed to satisfy even the most obscure request will keep clients coming back for more. Good luck in all of your service endeavors, and get ready to rock your guests!

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