Getting the message across - the importance of good communications
A HMRC case study

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The Inland Revenue delivers important services to the community, and requires a clear, efficient multi-channel communication system through which to make contact with its stakeholders. These communications are at least two-way. For example:


  • people tell the Inland Revenue about changes in their household circumstances to find out how these affect their entitlement to tax credits
  • small businesses contact the Business Support Teams for one-to-one help and advice on their tax and payroll issues.


  • the Inland Revenue advises businesses on changes to the tax law
  • the Inland Revenue informs Self Assessment taxpayers of the need to send in their tax return on time and the various ways in which this can be done.

The Inland Revenue is changing faster than at any time in its history. For the last 200 years the organisation has been responsible for tax collection, but today it does much more besides. As well as helping people to pay the right amount of tax, claim their tax credits and other entitlements, such as the National Minimum Wage and checking they have done so properly, the Inland Revenue carries out several other important community support activities.

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