Balancing the product portfolio to satisfy customer demand
A JD Sports case study

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Page 4: Promotion

Jd Sports 18 Image 1There are several ways a business can promote its product to maintain growth at the peak of the PLC. JD is a market-orientated business which means its focus is on satisfying the needs of its customers. It segments its market demographically and uniquely understands the buying habits of its predominantly sports and fashion conscious customers.

A product that JD decides to feature in its promotional campaigns usually becomes a ‘hero’ product in one of their seasonal campaigns. Each campaign will be accompanied by a photoshoot, where JD will ‘hero’ the product. The images and video are then used to create a campaign both in store and online. Once in store the products are visually merchandised to enhance their desirability to customers. This relates to how and where it is presented in store. Front of store, displays on walls and displays in windows are key areas used to promote the product.

Online advertising

JD advertises online by using images on the website, as well as targeted e-mailing and social media posts to its existing database. JD also uses search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is the process that uses keywords and phrases to improve web traffic through a search field. This ensures that it is high on search lists, such as Google, when searched for by customers. JD promotes its products through various channels on both a local level and national level. For example, FHM magazine receives key products to review and use in the editorial section of the magazine, both on shelf and online.

Larger JD promotional campaigns include press advertising and outdoor media campaigns. Carefully selected press promote the JD message. It regularly uses specially selected outdoor media venues in key cities throughout the UK and Ireland.

JD Sports | Balancing the product portfolio to satisfy customer demand