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10 Cool Packaging Ideas for Your Business That Are Surprisingly Inexpensive

Packaging Ideas for Your Business
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Packaging is often overlooked as a marketing tool, but it plays a vital role in helping customers identify your brand. In addition to packaging, your company or organization can also benefit from using it for marketing.

Your products can be packaged in a variety of ways. Some of them include customizing existing packaging, creating new packaging designs, and even using recycled materials.

The best way to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace is to offer products that are different from those on the market today. These creative packaging ideas will help you differentiate yourself from competitors while keeping your prices low.

The best way to package your products is by using materials that will last long after the product has been sold. Here are ten ideas for creating unique and affordable packaging.

1. The Standard Box With Die Cut

A standard box with die cut lid is one of the most common ways to package items. Moreover, it’s a relatively inexpensive option. You can use any type of paper or cardboard as the base material for the box, and you can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes.

The standard box with die cut has become the go-to choice for shipping packages around the world. The reason for this is apparent. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

You need to try something new in order to stand out from the crowd. That means experimenting with different materials, designs, and colours. This way, you can create unique boxes that customers will love.

2. Printing Designs

If you’re looking for more creative packaging ideas, consider using cardboard boxes that have been printed with designs. These boxes can be used for a wide range of products, such as candy bars, greeting cards, and even jewellery.

Printing design boxes have become very popular over the years. The demand for printed designs box has increased significantly because they are cheaper than custom-made boxes and offer a variety of options.

It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune to get high-quality boxes printed. In fact, you can create high-quality boxes using simple tools and materials.

3. Colorful Packaging Tape

If you’re looking for some creative ideas for your next package design, try using colourful packing tape. It looks really stylish on boxes, and it’s easy to apply and remove. Additionally, it’s cheaper than vinyl stickers, which are more expensive.

Washi tapes are a fantastic option too for packaging. There are several options available, so you can find one that fits your business needs. There are many local stores or even online stores that sell them, and they are cheap.

If you need something more personalized that symbolizes your business then consider getting custom printed tape, which is readily available at most local printing shops.

4. The Inside Print Surprise

An inside print box never fails to surprise the customers. If you intend to spend extra for the inside print, your brand will surely stand out from regular boxes, especially that of your competitors.

Boxes that are printed inside generally look premium and often attract people. It will also help to improve your brand image. When choosing a box with inside prints, make sure to go with an abstract design to make the appearance more visually appealing.

5. Digital Printing

If you’re not familiar with digital printing, you might think that it’s expensive. However, there are several ways to print at home that are much cheaper than going to a commercial printer.

A digital printer can save up to 10% of your box printing cost if you have one. Besides, with digital printing, the sky is the limit for choosing custom variants for your box design.

6. Custom Stickers

Adding stickers to your packaging is a simple and easy way to make it more personal. As a result, they enhance the visibility of your product. You can use them as labels, or even gift tags.

Having a branded sticker can indirectly promote your business to potential customers. Make sure to use eye-catchy colours when creating stickers to help you get noticed easily.

7. Custom Sleeves

If you’re looking for something different from standard sleeves, consider custom sleeves. They are available in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that fits your brand’s aesthetic and theme. They also make your product stand out from others on store shelves.

Custom sleeves also highlight your brand and their unique design will boost the unboxing experience. With a fraction of the box price, you can create this custom sleeves that represent your brand.

8. Create Custom Labels

Creating labels for your products is a simple process, with plenty of options. You can use stickers, tape, or even fabric. However, these methods aren’t cheap.

Using a laser printer will make printing your own labels much easier. This method will cost less than any other option, and you’ll still get professional results. Alternatively, you can use a professional service like Sticky Labels to get your printed labels, ensuring top-notch quality and a polished finish.

9. Fabric Wrapping

There are lots of different kinds of fabric wrapping available at craft stores. They come in rolls and bundles, so you can use them for gift bags, boxes, and even packing festive goods.

Using fabric wraps you can give your packaging an artistic look. Generally, it is less expensive than other special packaging methods available. If you know how to dress using fabric, it can save you from overspending.

10. Foil Stamping

You can make your packaging more personal with foil stamps. They also look really cool.

You probably already have foil stamps on your packages. But did you know that foil stamps are also used on other things too? From wine labels to beer cans, foil stamps are a common sight.

There are lots of benefits to using foil stamps. For example, they can make your packaging stand out from the crowd. And they can also give your packaging a unique look.


Creating unique packaging for your products is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd. To do this, you must think creatively and outside of the box. It’s good to know that these ideas won’t cost you a fortune.

Here we have discussed ten simple ideas that you can implement into your next project. These ideas won’t cost you a dime and they will definitely give your products a unique touch. You should also consider getting personalized stamps for your business.

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