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10 Things that can ruin your office table

Photo by Yan Krukov: pexels

When you install a new office table into your workspace, the odds are good that you are going to do some damage to it. After all, your office table is a place of work, congregation, and daily habitation. You spend hours every single day at your table, working on tasks, so it makes sense that it will break down over time. Before you call up Office Furniture for a replacement table, let’s learn WHY your table breaks down so quickly. Today, we are going to be outlining ten different things that are destroying your office table. Hopefully, with this knowledge by your side, you’ll be able to protect your table for a longer period of time.

Avoid These Things To Protect Your Table

When you install a brand new office table, your hope should be to use it for years to come. With that being said, your table will diminish in both quality and usability over time if you don’t take steps in order to protect it. Even casual use can seemingly turn your table into a scarred and degraded piece of furniture when you don’t take care to practice preventative maintenance. The best way to practice preventative maintenance is to keep an eye out for the ten following problems.

1) Cold Drinks – While it may not seem like a problem, cold drinks can absolutely damage your office table. Whether you are placing a fresh bottle of water or a soft drink from your lunch onto your table, you could be inviting trouble. Cold drinks will leave condensation as they warm up in the room. That condensation can begin to drip onto your table, which can lead to damage. Always protect your table with a coaster, even if you have to use a makeshift coaster such as a piece of paper or cardboard. If you run into condensation rings, use a hair dryer to heat up the table and they should vanish.

2) Heavy Objects – While your table can likely deal with a fair bit of weight, you don’t want to go around slamming heavy objects onto it. Heavy objects can dent and scratch your table. Scratches and dents are hard to get rid of and oftentimes end up being left as ugly eyesores. If you have to place something heavy on your office table, place the item gently. Make sure to remove the heavy objects carefully, as well, as you do not want to create dragging scratches.

3) Hot Objects – Similar to cold objects, hot objects can become a problem. Putting hot things directly onto your office table without any sort of heat protection can lead to damage. Scratches and scorch marks can become the new norm if you aren’t careful. Try to get into the habit of laying down a placemat when you are eating a hot lunch at your desk or office table, your furniture will thank you for it.

4) Skipping Table Mats – Speaking of table mats, skipping your protective covering can lead to some damage! Office tables serve as multi-use workstations. Whether you are eating at your table or working on a project, having a placemat or tablecloth down can make a huge difference. Protect your table now and you won’t have to repair or replace it in the future. Simple tablecloths are cheap and can add a splash of style to your desk or table.

5) Moisture – Moisture of any kind can be a problem for your office table. Whether that moisture comes from condensation via a cold drink or from a beverage being spilt, you’ll want to attend to the issue as quickly as possible. Quickly wipe down all of the moisture until you’ve soaked it up. Once that is done, use a fan or a blow dryer in order to urge the rest of the moisture to dissipate. You don’t want to get into the habit of dealing with water damage in your office.

6) Improper Cleaning Supplies – Pay attention to the kind of office table that you have. Is this table made out of wood? Plastic? Metal? Glass? Make sure that you use the right cleaning supplies for your table and you won’t have any issues. Unfortunately, the WRONG cleaning supplies can go a long way toward damaging your table’s surface.

7) Jewelry – Heavy watches and angular jewellery can lead to scratches, dents, and dings. While it would be wrong to ask you to remove your jewellery, you would be better served to be careful when wearing it around your table. We tend to rest our wrists and hands on our tables, so it makes sense that problematic blemishes might occasionally appear.

8) Inappropriate Displays – This issue is more problematic for the rest of the people in your office than the table itself. Displaying political, religious, or adult-oriented pictures can lead to problems in your workplace. When you are decorating your office table, make sure to be inclusive and appropriate for work. You don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable in your workspace.

9) Improper Cleaning Techniques – Not only is it important to have the right cleaning chemicals, but it is also important to have the right cleaning techniques. Scrubbing your table with an abrasive cloth is a bad idea. Practice proper cleaning techniques based on the type of table that you have and the material of the surface.

10) Incorrect Usage – Finally, improper office table usage will lead to damage and can end up ruining your furniture. Don’t sit on the table or set up an office ping pong net, just for a few random examples. Use the table as it was meant to be used and you’ll be able to minimize potential issues in the future.

Your office table is important for your day-to-day work. Get in the habit of treating your office table the right way and you’ll end up protecting your furniture for years to come. Use our tips to keep your table in perfect shape so you don’t have to order a replacement every few months!

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