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6 easy steps to deliver high results in Microsoft 70 740 certification exam (practice tests are included in this list)

Nowadays, every company and organization values certified specialists more than those who don’t want to improve their knowledge for the sake of the working process. So if you are considering, for example, earning a position as a network or computer systems administrator,or maybe, a computer network specialist, it is essential to have an IT certification that will showcase your skills and abilities in working with Windows Server 2016. And, of course, the best place to do this is the Microsoft website. There you can pass three exams and get the MCSA: Windows Server 2016credential to become an in-demand professional. But how to start the preparation process, you may ask? It is much easier than you think.

We have prepared a comprehensive guide for you so that you can take the right path in preparing for the first test – Microsoft 70-740 real questions. With this article, it will be easier for you to prepare for the other two exams. So, let’s begin the journey through your new career path.

Top 6 Preparation Options for Microsoft 70-740 Exam

Passing this certification exam will not come through a struggle if you have the proper materials during your preparation for the test. First of all, you need to know the topic as it will get you closer to getting the passing score. But what else should you do? Here are some tips to help you pass the Microsoft 70-740 exam.

Complete an official training course

You should begin by taking a training course so that you learn about the concepts and skills that you need to get certified. Learning does not happen in a day, it is a longstanding process. While there are resources that you can use for self-study, the better way of learning will be with the help of an instructor. Thus, you will be able to get that one-on-one experience that you need for the mastery of the concepts. In this case, you will be able to ask questions and get answers from a certified professional.

Use a study guide

Study guides are invaluable resources when it comes to exam preparation. All Microsoft tests have official study tutorials. They focus on the key areas of the exam to give you comprehensive information on what you need to know before taking it. The study guide for Microsoft 70-740 will help you structure your studying in an organized manner. You can rely on this type of prep tool to comprehensively prepare for the test. The purpose of these tutorials is to direct your steps in terms of the areas you should focus on. This gives you the opportunity to know what to do at every stage of your preparation process, thereby raising your chances of passing the exam.

Join the Microsoft forum

The benefit of being a member of the Microsoft forum is that you get to meet like-minded individuals with the same desire of passing the exam or advancing their certifications. This creates an environment that allows you to discuss ideas and get the latest information concerning the test. If you have any questions, this is the best place to put them across because there are the members who have already taken the exams and succeeded. You will also get the relevant tips on how to prepare for the certification test. If you think that you have been doing something wrong, through your participation in this forum, you will get a piece of advice on how to get it right. The members who are certified can enlighten you on many things you didn’t know earlier.

Take practice tests

Practice tests are the best resources you can use to prepare for any certification exam. This is because they challenge you to train your mind to answer the questions that you are likely to encounter in the actual test. You will be familiar with their structure and the exam atmosphere. In addition, you will know the topics you should focus on, depending on the difficulties you face when answering certain questions. MeasureUp is a Microsoft-approved platform, and you can take practice tests there or at any other credible and reliable provider such as Exam-Labs. Successfully completing a practice test helps you build up your confidence as you head to take the actual exam.

Utilize the Microsoft Virtual Academy

This is a resource provided by Microsoft that gives the candidates access to study materials that come with a broad range of Microsoft technologies, including Windows Server 2016. You will get insight into the layout of the exam as well as the relevant information related to itsobjectives. There are so many wonderful tools that will help boost your preparation for Microsoft 70-740. You will be notified of the recent changes that have been added to the test and any study materials that you may use. Please note that the MVAis a free resource.

Download the software trial version

Getting familiar with the software is one of the necessary steps that you need to take before going for the actual test. The trial version of Windows Server 2016 has a 180-day limit, which is enough for you to gain the required experience in handling all the features. Try to focus on the parts of the software that is relevant to the certification exam. This practical approach will help you pass Microsoft 70-740.


This was the list of useful tips that you need to follow in order to pass your Microsoft 70-740 test with flying colours. As we mentioned earlier, you may also use this guide for the other two certification exams that you need to pass in order to obtain the MCSA credential. As a pleasant addition, you may buy a premium bundle for the 70-740 test that comes with three products. You will get a training course with 107 lectures, a study guide, and a bunch of questions and answers to measure your level of knowledge before the real exam. The package is verified by the IT experts and has updated materials. All these tools will help you greatly during your preparation days. This bundle can be found on Exam-Labs. Good luck!

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