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An Energy Change

Thinking about energy service provider change can cause lots of stress. So you choose to avoid the change. However, the main stress comes into play when you think in terms of how much you end up spending on energy per month. If only there was a simple way to make an energetic change towards a more decent energy offering. The truth of the matter remains if you haven’t done your research on where your energy is coming from, you might as well forget saving it. To make sure you are clued up about all things energy and how you can stretch your electricity and gas budget, you are at the right place. Simply Switch is where you get to compare all energy prices and packages.

Are you not Paying More than you Should? 

Studies show that certain households since signing their first energy-related contract with an electricity service provider have never made any such switch. This would probably mean these households are paying a standard variable tariff. This would also mean that these households are paying far more for their energy than they should be.

If you fall within the 10% of households that have never ever switched energy providers, perhaps the time has come for you to make the switch. It’s never too late to find a new energy provider who can suit your electricity needs and meet your budget requirements. 

Let Simply Switch Help

If you are considering making a big switch from a long-term energy provider to a new one, you need to consider making a switch to a trusted energy service provider as the initial phase of making the change may seem overwhelmingly daunting. 

It is believed that more than half of the UK access their electricity through 1 of the big 6 energy providers in the UK. Included in the big 6 are British Gas, EDF, e.on, npower, Scottish Power and SSE. Having said that you will be most comfortable making the switch to a service provider that most of the UK trusts.

Switching is Easy

If you are keen on switching even after many years, you need to know how to start. On the Simply Switch website, you will be given the option of choosing your location as well. Your location will determine which energy service providers cater to your respective area.

Always Compare Packages 

You also need to compare tariff prices. By doing so you will begin to understand which energy provider will allow you to save some money in the process. There are also some energy service providers who opt to shoulder the burden of exit fees if you are on a fixed tariff plan with your previous service provider.

You must view your contract with your current service provider before you make the switch. This will enable you to see if you will incur any exit fees or there are any other clauses making the change more tedious. In most cases, if you are on a variable tariff, you will not incur any exit fees. You may even get lucky and find a new service provider who will pay your exit fees just so you make the switch to them.

The good news is that using the Simply Switch website to find a new energy service provider costs you nothing.

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