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7 Sure-fire ways to make money online

7 Sure fire ways to make money online
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Money is a necessity, a needed ingredient for survival. So you might be thinking, how can I make money in a legitimate way?

The internet is an avenue to make money legitimately. It basically requires that you work smart, creatively and dynamically; and the tips to effectively do these are what I would be sharing with you. 

However, in making money online, you have to be aware that quality service would be required of you.

So here are 7 sure-fire ways to make some cool cash online.


Freelancing involves delivering high-quality content to companies which require them; it is one legitimate way to make money. Not only can you write to companies, but you can also write to people and organizations.

Many companies require qualified writers to produce high-quality content for their websites; to create public awareness for what they do and also to increase customer traffic to their websites.

This method of making money can earn you a regular income if you are really good at it, and if you can be disciplined enough to creatively meet your deadlines. Sites like freelancer.com allow customers and freelancers to connect online.

Internet marketing.

Internet marketing involves being an affiliate marketer, which is an increasingly popular method of making money online. It simply involves helping someone sell their products or services online, while you get commission based on sales.

Internet marketing also involves using your talents and qualifications smartly; if you are a writer, selling your books online is a smart way of marketing on the Internet. If you know how to navigate your way through internet marketing, you can make a full-time job out of it.

One important thing to note about internet marketing is that it requires a lot of effort, so you need to be on your A-game to really become a success in this competitive niche.

Betting on lotteries

This simply involves taking advantage of different lotto sites to make money.  You can visit Lottoland to make money online. Lotto betting involves making a bet on the result of the official lottery draw. You pick the numbers that you think will be drawn and if you guess rightly, you win prizes.

This respected online lottery site allows a customer to make bets on different lotteries and when the customer wins, they are paid by Lottoland.

This company currently holds the world record for the largest online gambling win, based on the stunning 90 million euros they paid to one lucky winner in 2018.


1kjobsonline is a site similar to sites like fiverr.com, which encourages you to give expression to the creative side of you. It helps you make some amount of money.

For example, if you are a creative thinker, you can think up different business ideas and sell them to people through this platform for some cool cash.

It just requires that you are flexible and creative to meet people’s needs; and depending on the number of people you can attend to per day, you could potentially make some decent money.

Investment programmes

This centres on investing money and gaining returns from it. You will be required to invest money in quality programs and propositions; according to what you invest in, and the amount you invest, you will get returns accordingly.

Should you require money to invest, you can visit sites like JBP which will help you grow your money and gain tangible returns from it. Note that there are no sure things when it comes to investments, so be prepared to do your research and take advice from experienced investors if you can.

Website flipping

Though this requires time and effort, it involves building website traffic and flipping the website. It means buying and selling websites. You can buy web real estate at quite a low price and then flip it for up to 100 times the original price.

Of course, you will need to choose wisely, as the majority of websites don’t manage to gain much traffic in the first place. Building traffic can be a slow process, but a rewarding one when the views start arriving in big numbers.

Online selling and Dropshipping

This method requires that you take advantage of Amazon, Alibaba, Lazada, and eBay. To make money from these sites, you can have your own virtual store and sell to customers using these sites.

As regards dropshipping, you can sell a product but not hold them in stock; purchase an item from a third party and instruct them to ship it directly to the customer.

Hopefully, some of these online money-making tips have piqued your interest. The internet is not just about shopping and social media – there are plenty of smart people out there who are using it as a money-making tool with great success.

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