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Celebrating seasoned 10th birthday with community cookery days

2020 is an important landmark in the life of Seasoned Cookery School.  We turn 10 — ten years of offering community cookery days to bring people together over food.  To celebrate our double-digit birthday, we want to spread the love and give away one of our amazing days to community groups – whether it is sports teams, work teams, school groups or charity groups.  If you are a group of people who form a community, we want to give you a chance to share some time in the kitchen.

By nominating your team, you will have the chance to win a free cooking experience for 12 to 18 people.  Imagine the number of stories and experiences you’ll be able to share with others after experiencing one of our cookery days. 

Seasoned Cookery School create days that are perfect for your group.  The day is designed with you and is bespoke to your requirements.  Nominating your team allows you to consider the skills and qualities you want to explore, and we will work with you to make this happen.

Your bespoke experience

Seasoned Cookery School is skilled at creating the perfect day.  There have been many days for different community groups that could be used as a starting point to design your day.

You could be like the Teenage Cancer Trust, who wanted to encourage fun and knowledge of nutritious food, relieving some of the seriousness of pursuing recovery.  If you have had a particularly serious and stressful period, a cookery experience could lighten the load.

You may want to bring together people who work in isolation and build a shared camaraderie.  Our workshop day for carers and young carers helped them enjoy a day of fun together and take a break from the critical work they do.  It also enabled them to learn how to cook easy food that offers appropriate nutrition for those in their care.

Want something a bit more competitive? Maybe you can organise a Bake-Off day.  Seasoned Cookery School have organised such days for primary and secondary schools – even holding a masterclass with a genuine Bake-Off finalist.  This could be a great way of taking smaller teams and putting them into combat with different parts of your company.


There is no catch.  The day is free.  We will provide you with all the ingredients and equipment that you need for the day – as well as some of the extras that will make your day special.  Just get you and your team to the venue and the rest of the day is on us.

But this is a win-win.  We know that you will love the day so much that you will rave about the time.  Word of mouth testimonials are our bread and butter – kitchen pun intended!  We also know you will want to share your experience on your website and your newsletter – you can even ask for photographs of the recipes to help.  You could use these to recruit members for your cookery experience, but we suspect you will end up with a waiting list!

Everything you need to know

To nominate your team for one of the ten free giveaway days, you can contact Seasoned Cookery School on 01283 711681 or visit the website and fill in the form

If you are one of the ten teams who win a Seasoned community cookery day, you will be invited to join us in our kitchens in the grounds of the Catton Estate.  The estate is close to the M1, M6 and A50.  You will be given the choice of your midweek day for your experience with 12 to 18 of your team members.

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