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Ways you can design and hang modern wall art in your living room

Do you find it daunting to select the right design that complements your furniture, wall, floor layout, and other fixtures in your living room? Does your living room have all the features it needs to become a masterpiece, except a perfect piece of wall art to go with?  Is it difficult to fill the huge interior walls of your living room with modern wall arts? In situations like this, homeowners tend to lose ideas to what artwork design should be placed on their living room walls. The living room is a place in an apartment that is first seen when one steps in. The physical condition of one’s living room is a determinant of how long one’s visitors would stay and how well they would relate with such a person. We will discuss how you can design your living room with modern wall art in the following steps.


The first step to take is to map out the size of the artwork that will fit onto the wall. This can be done via so many ways. One of the ways to go about it is to select a piece of art that occupies the width of your wall space, excluding a length of 6 to 12 inches on both sides. This centres the modern wall art. For a living room with a wall-size of 36 inches, you can leave about 6 inches on each end. This means that you need a piece of wall art with a size of 24 inches.

If you intend to hang it above the sofa, table, or bed, then it is advised that you choose an artwork that has the same or smaller length with the piece of furniture. Placing a wider piece above the furniture will end up looking out of place.

For those with gigantic walls, a large or oversized piece of wall art can be placed on the wall. However, if it seems too expensive to buy, you can go for smaller pieces that can be arranged like a gallery or collage on your wall. You can create a diptych (two) or triptych (three) pattern, with at least a size of about 2 inches in between the pieces. For a more-spacious wall, increase the space between the pieces of wall art. The wall art has to be powerful, or graphic, or vibrant. Consider contacting an online living room curtains supplier for adding the heavy lined and embroidered curtains to living room to make it appear fuller and stylish at the same time.


Decide the height at which you want to hang your wall art. Most people get this part wrong, as they place pieces of artwork at wrong heights. One general rule that must be adhered to, is placing wall art at one’s sightline. By doing so, a designer won’t have to look too high or too low to view such a piece. This implies that a piece of artwork should be about 60 inches from the floor.

If such a piece of art needs to be placed above the sofa, the bottom of that piece should have a distance of 6 to 8 inches from the furniture. If you would like to get an ideal piece of wall art in your rooms, please visit this site: modern wall art for your living room.

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