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Italy’s green pass ‘will be valid for US and UK visitors’

You must have definitely heard about the Italy Green Pass if you are a traveller or even if you tend to keep yourself updated with the latest news. This would especially be the case if you are a resident of the US or UK since the government has permitted a new travel pass, namely the green pass of Italy, which will be valid for the US as well as for UK visitors. However, whether you have heard of it and want to know more about this pass, or you don’t have a clue about it and wish to know more, this article will provide you with every bit of information related to it.

What is Italy Green Pass?

A newly introduced pass due to the COVID-19, the pass has the function of allowing travels of the citizens of Italy to the country. This is major because of the travel restrictions that have been imposed on the country, considering the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone who has the green pass of Italy will be able to travel to the country without further queries. While this has been limited to the citizens only, it was recently announced that visitors from the UK as well as the US will also be allowed to visit the country through this pass. But who stated this? And why would they permit these visitors only?

Why is the green pass valid for US and UK visitors?

It has been noted by Garavaglia that about 30 per cent of Italy’s tourism is a combination of visitors from the UK and the US. What is more important is that these visitors tend to spend a large amount on their travels, that is, they are highly focused on luxury travelling. Therefore, the visits from the United Kingdom and the United States means a high amount of revenue generation for Italy from tourism.

Who announced the validity of Green Pass for the UK and the US visitors?

You might still be doubtful regarding the validity of the Green pass of Italy for the visitors from the US and the UK. However, you would not question this when you come to know that it has been announced by the Prime Minister of Italy himself, right? So, yes, in a press conference, Prime Minister Mario Draghi stated that the country is going to introduce their green certificate for travelling by the end of this month. This news is a result of the decision taken at the meeting that was held in Rome of the G20 tourism ministers.

Since when can you start visiting Italy?

Italy has been a tourist destination for many, especially the visitors from the UK and the US, who tend to opt for luxurious travelling. While the pandemic had resulted in restrictions associated with tourism earlier, they have now been dropped and the travels can soon begin. So, if you are a traveller and hoping to visit Italy this year, you would be glad to know that this summer, the tourists will be allowed to visit the country based on certain rules provided by the government.

How can you get the Italy Green Pass for travelling?

The green pass of Italy certifies the people to travel from one place to another in Italy freely. This means that the person must be free of infection from the COVID-19 virus to be able to move to the country. Hence, a document will be formed – it can be digital or on paper – that certifies that the individual either has a molecular swab in the past 2 days, has had an antigenic, has recovered from the infection of the COVID-19 virus, or has been vaccinated. The certification can be issued by the hospital in which the individual was admitted, by the doctor who was consulted during the infection, by the laboratory that carried out the test, or the institution that made the vaccine injected to you. The issuing of the certificate is based on the case that you belong to.

Are you required to be quarantined upon entering Italy with a green pass?

No, you are free to move from one place to another in Italy and will be exempted from the requirement of quarantine in case you possess a green pass. This is only based on the condition of being tested negative to the swab, being healed, or being vaccinated.

The Bottom Line

Italy is going to start welcoming the tourists again after a long time since the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Through the introduction of the green pass by the end of this month, visitors from the UK and the US will also be permitted to enter the country and move freely based on certain conditions. 

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