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Logo design tips for startups

Getting your startup off the ground can be a satisfying yet overwhelming experience. There is a lot to cover when building your business; the capital, investments, target market, marketing, and your team. With so much required, some things can easily fall through the cracks. Logo designing is an important element in starting a business. But, why logos? Logos are very important; they represent the brand’s identity. 

Logos are meant to be definitive; that way, they can communicate what you do, and they can explain what you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. How you design your logo says a lot about your business, so take time to develop a quality logo. It will save you money and time, which saves you tons of headaches down the road. So, what makes the best logo? In need of a lending hand? The following are tips that will take your startup logo to the next level.

Minimalistic wins

Ever heard of more is less? This ideology is what you should take with you when designing a logo for your company. The key secret of minimalistic designing is encapsulating a powerful personality in a small space. How do you do this? You will have to test the boundaries of your creativity and imagination. A limited number of details and a simple image make your logo easy to perceive and remember. A timeless logotype will also set you apart from your competitors.

Step out of the cliches

It may not seem like it, but trends and the latest design tricks eventually turn into cliches; thus, it is best to ignore them. Instead, design your startup logo with the future in mind. How will your design look five or ten years down the line? Remember, many platforms are coming up by the day, and you may render your logo on them. To play it safe, go with a timeless design that you can confidently stand by down the road.

Pair the logo with a relevant icon

Misunderstanding could be the downfall of your brand identity. Beware of this by choosing a logo icon that complements your brand message. A logo represents who you are, so be wary of logo designs that convey an indisputable meaning. A logo that is too abstract stands between your message and the audience, so to eliminate any risk of misunderstanding, choose a meaningful icon.

Bring in the professionals

Are you feeling stuck? Floating around ideas? Well, it is time we brought in the big guns. Running a startup is hard enough, so there is no shame in calling in help when you have hit a wall comping up with logo designing ideas. After all, you want the best for your startup, so it is only right to find the best team. A creative agency can help you sort out the ideas you had based on the vision you have for your company logo. While you have free reign to hire who you want, it is best to hire someone with a proven track record to help you establish a clear identity for your company.

Add some colour

Printing out your logo in black and white sounds like the easiest thing to do, but at what cost? As a brand owner, you want your business to be recognized, so try going with something users and potential clients can easily recognize and, most importantly, recall. For example, if your brand name consists of two different names, use different colours to make the logo captivating.

Whatever tips you choose to incorporate in the designing of your logo, one thing is most important. When designing, it is upon you to stay on top of everything brand identity-related and ensure the logos you come up with meet the expectations in the market. Hopefully, you employ the tips above and create the perfect logo. Good luck!

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