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Parking for customers tips for choosing the best spot

Undoubtedly, a critical point in choosing where to set up your business is customer parking. The flow of people in the establishment depends on the ease of arrival, and if the means of transport chosen is the private car, having vacancies is essential. The choice of a commercial room, for example, does not only involve the analysis of the attributes favorable to the activity, be it medical, attorney, commercial or other services. Thinking about customer access is about connecting the business to the market, and this can happen by having parking alternatives.

Parking lots are valued

If in the past, garages were an obvious extension of any property, today they have been valued as a good. In some cities, garages are more expensive than apartments. It is not an exaggeration. As we have already argued, it is the ease of transportation (including parking spaces) that connects the business to the market. Private parking, for example, can be highly lucrative, providing an essential service to ensure the flow of people in a given region. When choosing a business room, consider how the audience that will attend your business will park. This can be a basic success item of your venture.

There are several ways to park

But we are not talking about maneuvers, of course. A business location can be connected to private, public, paid, and unpaid vacancies. The bigger the offer, the more alternatives customers will have to stop their cars. Let’s meet them.

Own vacancies

If in addition to private parking spaces for homeowners, your business room offers parking space for visitors is a plus. This is the well-known door-to-door transport where a person leaves home in his car and arrives at the door of his business. Business buildings often offer this option, which is a great benefit. Some even add value with the valet park service.

Private Parking

Entrepreneurs often see land on commercial, service, or medical hubs as a business opportunity, and soon set up parking lots. Around a medical or legal center, for example, we often find a wide range of vacancies to serve clients, doctors and lawyers who naturally attend the place. These are paid services equipped with parking barriers that charge by the hour but make life easier for people on the go.

Blue Zone

This is a paid public service that aims to ensure the rotation of vacancies along public roads. Blue zone vacancies usually appear in saturated places that need special regulation by the city. Using is cheap, but is subject to fines, so it needs to be fast. Blue zone vacancies can be a good parking alternative for those who will solve a fast demand, such as getting a medical exam, notary notarization, etc. Just have a bead in hand or find one at your local store.

Public roads

The good old street. But we know that it is increasingly rare to offer vacancies on public roads in places of intense flow of people. This is because it generates chaos in traffic and the underutilization of public space, something disapproved by the authorities. In addition, these places often attract flannel, which does not always provide good informal service. In poles, there is a small number of street vacancies, as the city usually restricts them for the sake of greater traffic flow.

Offer customer parking options

There are many options to park, but for this it is interesting to make an analysis of where your business will work. Business buildings already offer the solution, so they are always a good choice. Citizens have already internalized that in large cities and their urban centers, parking lots tend to be paid. As long as the vacancies are offered, they will arrive.

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