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The different types of gamification at Finnish online casinos

In Finland, betting has always been an immensely popular pastime. But if you take the time to compare, you’ll see that Finnish players today have become savvier than ever and, well, more difficult to please.

The reasons are quite clear, though. These days, players are inundated with plenty of online casinos to choose from. This means that players have no reason to settle for less than what’s ideal. That said, online casinos need to be extra creative to get the players’ attention amidst the sea of competition. This has paved the way for the rise of gamification. Now, gamification techniques have increasingly become a trend in many Finnish online casinos, and other casinos sites across the world.


So, you might ask, what exactly is gamification? In a nutshell, it’s simply what these online casinos are using to promote key aspects and features of their specific platform. Somehow, these gamification techniques have added a new and exciting element to an otherwise plain and standard online casino experience.


Online casinos use different gamification ideas to keep players engaged and hooked to their platform. Casino Lista have listed the most common gamification techniques currently used by online casinos:


Many casino sites are taking advantage of the technology to deliver astonishing graphics to make playing casino games highly-engaging. In addition, they use striking plots and stories to keep their players’ interests.


Adding quests, such as finding a hidden gem or treasure to unlock bonuses, and mission-based platforms make playing casino games more immersive and add thrills to the game. It’s no wonder why many casino sites are starting to use this concept to entice players.


The way loyalty points system work is simple. The more time you spend to play at a certain casino site, the more rewards you get. And, these rewards widely vary from one casino to another, too, including generous free spins bounties, exclusive invitation to VIP events, goodies and freebies, and even free holiday trips.


If you’re like other competitive players, seeing your name on top of the leaderboard, and not to mention the exciting perks/prizes that await you, is always a good feeling, and will keep you motivated to keep coming back at a specific casino.


It’s undeniable that social media has influenced people’s lives in many aspects, and gambling isn’t excluded. Casino sites today encourage players to share their loyalty points, leaderboard stats, and badges in their social media accounts, as well as to refer them to their friends in the social media, in exchange of free spins and other bonuses. And it works! Players like to share their success and progress on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And, this, in turn, gives casino sites an added exposure and more opportunity to drive players into their platform.

Thanks to fantastic casino bonuses, incredible cutting-edge mobile casino technology, live dealer casino games options, and of course, the birth of various gamification ideas, there’s never been a better sign to sign up with an online casino.

Truly, finding the perfect online casino to suit your gaming style and preferences has never been easier today, as long as you’ve got the right knowledge as well as a reliable guide to all these wonderful choices. Today’s Finnish gamblers just got ‘luckier,’ indeed!

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