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Top 5 business interior design trends in 2020

Today’s companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need for office designs that are conducive to productivity, staff engagement, and health and wellbeing. 

With technology changing the way we work, together with the ideals and demands of a younger workforce, interior design trends in 2020 embrace innovation and create a work environment that is conducive to the culture of a company. 

Agile working has become the new norm, and although multi-purpose workstations have a significant impact on how and where your employees work, it is the finer details of interior office designs that can make all the difference. 

Biophilic Office Designs 

Installing plants in your office may not be a new trend, and in truth does not qualify as biophilic office design, but an increase in living walls and hanging horticulture will be a key feature in office design trends this year.

Other than aesthetics, an array of plant life around the office helps to improve air quality, and subsequently the health and wellbeing of your staff. The “Clean Air Study” undertaken at NASA reveals a collection of plants that absorb carbon dioxide and remove pollutants from the atmosphere. 

Eco-Friendly fabrics 

London-based office designers Office Principles say more businesses are shifting towards ‘green branding’ in efforts to make a commitment to lowering their carbon footprint. 

The trend in 2020 is to invest in eco-fabrics that use less energy, chemicals, pesticides and waste to produce. Organic fabrics include Econyl, raw cotton, hemp, jute, bamboo and muslin. Vegan-Friendly options are expected to be on the agenda as well.

Natural Elements 

In keeping with the vision of a sustainable future, office design trends in 2020 are likely to incorporate natural elements such as wood, stone, marble and sand. 

Studies have shown the disconnect with nature among city dwellers is having a negative effect on psychological functioning, stress and ill-health.

Including natural elements in your office design, and where possible outdoor areas and natural sunlight can improve the mood, happiness and productivity levels of office workers. 

Domesticated Workplaces 

New office designs are geared to help make the office environments more homely. Domesticated workplaces help employees feel more relaxed and develop a work-life balance. 

Interior business designers are getting more requests to install fully equipped kitchens, lounge furniture, coffee tables and rugs. Amenities that typify a home not only create a welcoming environment for employees but also encourage staff to stay on the premises and cook their own meals – which ultimately saves them money. 

Peaceful Pods 

Noise is a fundamental problem in conventional open-plan office designs. Distractions disrupt concentration levels and it can take up to 20 minutes for employees to get back into the zone. 

In recent years, innovative companies have designed and manufactured a variety of noise-eliminating pods which can be installed as standalone features around the office. 

Purpose-built cubicles include meeting pods, huddle pods, phone booths and privacy pods where individuals can work in peace and quiet free from annoying distractions. There’s nothing quite like peace in a pod.

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