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How to Make Good Images for Instagram

To take striking photos on Instagram, you don’t have to be an expert or a professional. It is also not essential that you have a state-of-the-art camera since with your phone you can make surprising images. It will be enough that you have a little imagination, a desire to innovate and make good use of the resources at hand.

This social network has become the favorite to post unique moments and upload photos of everything. Many people have seen in this application the opportunity to get followers and likes through their posts. Otherwise, you will need to find the best site to buy Instagram followers to increase your fans without working hard. Do not stay behind, we will explain how to make good images for Instagram both with your camera and with your mobile.

Basic rules to achieve good images

You must think about how your photo will look or how you want it to look. For this, the first thing you will define is the objective you are going to photograph and the purpose you want to achieve. It can be from a specific article to a spectacular landscape, even people or animals. Whatever the case, you will need to get a good shot instantly to capture the moment.

In other words, the composition of the photo shows a wide view of what you want. In it, you have to verify that you do not cut parts or areas and that everything is in the right place. Also place your goal in the right place so that it stands out from the rest. Take proper care of the focus, this way the photo will not be out of focus or blurred.

Another important aspect for you to make a good image on Instagram is lighting. You have several options to achieve a positive light in your photography. Among them is natural light or lights created by yourself, such as light bulbs or lamps. For anyone who selects you have to avoid the shadows and get one that balances the composition.


One of the most important details when capturing an image is the environment. You will need to take good care of each of the elements that will be present in the photo. It is for this reason that you must select a suitable fund that fits what you are looking for. This fund will be in accordance with the main objective to avoid distractions.

In order to achieve an appropriate environment, it takes into account the colors, harmony and position of each element. On the other hand, it also plays with the types of planes and angles. This will serve your purpose, since it is not convenient that only the objective appears in the frame.

Remember that as you practice and take photos, you will learn each of these characteristics. When you become an expert, these requirements will come naturally to you. But to achieve this you must perform different tests on each of the photos. Take several pictures before uploading, just post it when you really feel safe.

Recommendations when photographing

We give you some recommendations for you to put into practice when you make an image. Always try to find new elements to photograph, that is, something that is different. Here you must test your creativity and apply each of the aforementioned details. Plus, start capturing easy things when you’re just starting out in this world.

Use each of the tools offered by Instagram to your benefit. Now you can upload several photos in the same publication or post stories. Use this to attract attention through your photos. Be careful to use fisheye or flashes, resorting to them only when necessary for your purpose.

We also advise you to be aware of backlight, never placing your lens in front of the light. Also remember to clean your camera or mobile phone before using them. In addition, we suggest that you be aware of the position in which you place yourself to make the image. You should always be in a place where you can hold the instruments well.

After photography

Try to make the photograph fit you perfectly when you take it. In this way, you will not depend so much on the settings. However, for some cases after having the photo it is necessary to make some edits. Adjustments are also part of how to make good images for Instagram, but you have to know how to make them.

Make the modifications in the details that are most needed, never passing you by. Otherwise the photo will be unreal and users will notice immediately. Filters are among the edits you can make. These help you clean up certain composition defects and make some improvements.

Filters allow you to add colors, effects or light to your image. Get one that is suitable, because there are many alternatives. Also, in the settings you can improve the brightness, sharpness, contrast, shadows, among other details. Apply them according to what you need and you can also configure the image in case you get crooked.

Some applications

There are some applications that will allow you to make these adjustments and add different filters. You can download them from your phone and start playing with each of the options. One of them is Snapseed that has many functions for you to edit your photography until you achieve the effect you want.

There is also Enright, in which you can make various configurations. This application adds effects, filters and buttons that will favor you in your edition. If you are not satisfied with it, use Facetune which is another of the alternatives. It is ideal to correct any flaws in the image.

If you are one of those who likes to innovate with design, then you have the Prisma app at your disposal . This tool seeks through its functions to improve the photo with some touch-ups, brightness and sharpness. In case you want to manage your account, we recommend Later. This is necessary for you to keep your account updated and verify the effect of each photo.

Accompany your image

When you go to upload your image you have to accompany it with a good text to achieve an effect on your followers. This should be short and precise, also use proper hashtags. Now every time you take a photograph keep all these aspects in mind.

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