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What Should I Bring to a Job Interview?

Applying for jobs can be incredibly fun but can also be very daunting. There are many things you need to keep in mind. There are also items you need to bring to be as prepared as possible for the interviews. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or entering your first round of applications following your degree, here are some essential items that you need to bring to a job interview to make a great first impression.

Your Resume

Above all, this is one of the essential items you need to bring and must keep within your possession for a job interview. It is not enough to send your resume to an individual employer but to also get it to make sure that they are aware of your preparation and can see everything on paper while they’re interviewing you.

To make sure that you are equally prepared and do not bring too many pieces of your resume, make sure you get five copies. This is an adequate number to provide for anybody that might be within a panel of interviewers and individuals who might be requesting it from different departments.

Pen and Paper

If you’re looking to make another great impression, you need to make sure to bring a pen and paper. Even if you take minimal notes throughout the interview, it’s essential that you come prepared to write down what you need to do. Sometimes, employers will want to provide you with information that is not on paper but needs to be written down.

Some people might think you can turn your phone on and write this down, but it makes a different impression if you take your phone out. Suppose you are unable to put your phone away for an interview. In that case, people might question if you can focus for the duration of your shift or if you’re able to provide the necessary efficiency for the position.

An Optimistic Outlook

Having a great outlook as well is incredibly important to making a great impression. According to Kashif Tahir of Cuddle Marketing, you should always have a good mindset when you’re attending a work interview. This is your chance to land that your dream career. You don’t want to squander it by having the wrong attitude. Even if you make a minor error or need to think some things over for a few seconds, make sure you have a positive attitude and are polite to your prospective employer to make the right impression.

Some people might argue that hiring managers do not want to see a positive demeanor come up. They need to see more talent and skillsets. However, hiring managers want you to make an agreed impression. They want to decide based on your ability and your overall appearance and attitude. The interviewer will judge the actions that you present in front of them.

As Tahir says, you will make the right impression for your prospective employer if you often smile, remain respectful, considerate, and optimistic during the process.

Bring “Leave-Behinds”

Many people are not aware of what a leave-behind is, but it can be essential for you and create a unique interviewer experience. They do not have to be tangible objects either, because they often or not. Therefore leave-behinds that Tahir swears by are adequate smiles, respect, consideration, and optimism.  

This is enough for many employers to make the right impression and show that you are dedicated enough to the potential job. It is often a little too much to give a physical object. This is why there are four intangible things to leave an interviewer with before or after the interview. Smiling, kindness and more are just as important as any item you might be able to give your prospective employer. This ensures that they remember you out of all of the candidates that they see.

Portfolio of Sample Work

For those who are applying for a more creative position or one that entails a significant amount of project management and creation, this is an area that you might want to engage with and to provide more opportunities for your interviewer to see your work. If you’re able to bring a briefcase full of projects and items that you have worked on in the past, you’ll be able to present this as evidence that you can the position.

This is incredibly important to make sure that you give off the right impression, display everything you would like to your potential employer, and provide them with the best possible information about what you are like as an employee. All in all, the more that you offer them, the more of a sense they get that you are serious and that you are an approachable employee.


If you forget to bring an identification card or a government ID, this can be a significant problem if you need to provide this when you arrive at the office. This is incredibly important; it could also be a way for you to potentially be hired on the spot and provide the paperwork necessary to become an official employee. However, you need to bring as much as you need, rather than giving everything you have in the documentation for your identification.

Notes and Questions

If you’ve ever been to an interview and never asked a question, you need to start! Employers enjoy when they see interviewees that have any questions. The last thing you want to do is be underprepared for the interview, meaning that you set off the wrong tone for the meeting.

If you can provide notes and questions beforehand, you’ll be more prepared and continue the conversation during the interview. After all, the discussion is not so much about getting them to know you. It is also for you to be sold on whether or not you want to work there. Remember: the interview is your chance to get to know the company, just as much as it is their chance to get to know you as an employee.


If you’re looking to make even more of an impression, you need to make sure that you bring references to improve that you have a commendable experience that backs up what you were trying to present as an employee. This is one of the most important ways to prove your value to the company to prove that your interview is significant and essential for them to pay attention to.

Whether you have references from your past jobs or even lifelong friends that can vouch for you, this is incredibly important to show that you are professional and provide the proper support to state that you are prepared and eligible for the position. Without references, it’s very much dependent on trusting you to do the job, rather than trust that you have the experience.

Business Cards

If you have business cards on hand, this is incredibly important to bring along and remain professional and provide contact information quickly. Individuals who have these business cards will more likely be able to present a significant impression for the employer rather than providing them with less information. It will also show that you are taking yourself seriously. Not everybody has business cards, so that you will be making this a short interview for them.

If you don’t have business cards and you want to create some for your upcoming interviews, there are many websites that you can go to. Some of the best ones out there are VistaPrint and others, where you can have them shipped in bulk and sent right to your door! These can be super helpful to get you on the right track and provide you with precisely what you are looking for.


Interviews are not complicated, but you can mitigate them if you bring these items to your meeting. These can help you exponentially make the right impression, leave your employer wanting to chat more, and potentially score a call with good news. After all, you want to get that job!

If you want to make the right impression and show that you are one of the best candidates that they have, you can make your print last a long way if you can win over recruiter with your background, your ability to laugh at the small stuff, in your ability to problem-solve. Recruiters want to see people who are willing to work, laugh at the small stuff, and have a great attitude. If you’re able to do this, then you will no doubt have a position at any firm that you would like, all bearing on the fact that you are capable and qualified for the job!

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