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Writing opinion essay introduction

Student’s Life Is Still Very Complicated When We Talk About Assignments

How many times have you been asked to compose, create or just write essays on various subjects? Many teachers regard writing skills as determinant factors for your successful life. It is fair to English, history, social studies and even science and math as well as other more complicated subjects!

It is believed that writing an opinion essay helps students to evaluate the information they are surrounded, find pros and cons in various real-life situations and judge them responsibly, detect fakes and cope with them, represent and express their thoughts clearly, communicate ideas in an interesting and creative way, present themselves clearly and sensibly.

Well, it may make sense! If you know how to express your opinion of diverse substantial matters, evaluate and deliver information properly, a lot of your problems are gone instantly!  Misunderstandings and understatements are excluded from your life! It sounds pretty nice and promising, isn’t it?

How To Write An Opinion Essay Correctly?

What if it is very hard to find the proper words to write a good essay for school, college, university or any other institution? In fact, it is quite a common problem people encounter, so there is no need to worry! What to do then?

  1. Make sure you understand your topic clearly. If something remains unclear to you, just google it to make it clear! We are lucky to have digital technologies nowadays that simplify our lives greatly.
  2. Try to outline an introduction, the main body, and your conclusion. It really helps to clarify your thoughts, ideas, and arguments and facilitates to draft your essay properly.

Don’t Know How To Start An Essay Introduction?

1. Just outline the issue under consideration to focus your audience on writing. 

2. Provide a brief background of a discussed problem. Just one sentence.

3. Point out your opinion or attitude to a discussed problem. We normally have here arguments for (one sentence) and against (another sentence). So, show here opposite opinions concerning your topic.

4. Write a thesis statement i.e. outline what are you going to do next in your essay.

As you see, 4-6 sentences are enough for an introduction. Don’t make it wordy or too laconic! Just be precise, brief, and captivating.

Further Steps

  1. The body of your essay should include arguments for or against the discussed topic. One argument isn’t enough to sound confident, so make sure you have more than one or two. Start with the most irrelevant arguments and finish with the most substantial ones. It helps to sound more convincing.
  2. The conclusion gives you an opportunity to reaffirm and restate your arguments briefly and distinctively. Pose your arguments one by one giving a short explanation or comment to each. 
  3. Don’t forget to use formal language, linking words, introductory and conclusion phrases, generalizations that help deliver information duly. Nevertheless, avoid overuse of simple sentences, forget about colloquial expressions and emotive language for a moment. Please mind the sequence of thoughts you develop.

The Sky Is The Limit

These tips can help you improve your writing skills. However, you shouldn’t stop here, just go on writing and expressing your ideas! Well, if you still find it difficult to express yourself because English is your second language or you are busy doing other important activities and feel a lack of time, don’t really figure out what your educator asks you to do, you may always rely on different resources, sites, and services. You may take a look at a speedypaper.com review for example and consider all pros and cons. You will probably find qualitative and professional assistance here!

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