Using call centres to deliver customer solutions
A BUPA case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Bupa 5 Image 4BUPA’s expertise in call centres has enabled it to establish a 24-hour free health advisory service delivered by a team of qualified nurses. The service provides personal, informed guidance and support to customers, available any time they need it. This represents a different type of service provision by BUPA based upon three core skills:

  • a full understanding of customer health requirements before and during primary care
  • an ability to influence behaviour
  • an ability to become a knowledge organisation, which obtains meaningful data and translates it into added value services for customers.

This case study has shown how the use of call centres manned by capable employees has helped BUPA to improve its service in an industry where service is a critical factor in determining customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. The company recently won the European Customer Call Centre of the Year Award, which emphasises that BUPA can and does give the best possible service for its customers.

BUPA | Using call centres to deliver customer solutions