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10 creative ideas for your wedding invitation

A wedding day is the biggest day of an individual’s life. You keep it in your memory for all your life, and thus, an Invitation Maker will help you fetch the moments captured and preserved as well. Here are a few ideas to design your day!

1. DIY video

Wedding videos designed digitally and customized accordingly can serve more than a physical card. They can be made just with some simple editing concepts and tools. Pictures play an important role in adding charm to the video. One can also put decorative flowers and edited pin boards as per one’s choice to make the video a treat for the eyes.

PRO TIP: Use simple and clear candid photos of the progress in a relationship, and you may also add some of your moments spent together. These can easily be propagated or shared via social media using an Intro Maker.

2. Couple portrait:

Black and white nevermore goes out of style. Couples can edit their shot portraits in black and white and add frames to them to add an edge to the video. In fact, one may even choose to add a collage to the video and use simple animations or custom tools to make it. One can also use sketches to give a realistic effect.

PRO TIP: Pictures of both recent and old times can work marvel with this idea.

3. Caricatures video:

A simple, efficient yet unconventional way of video making is through caricatures of the bride and groom where animated figures of both slip in and replace original figures. The most entertaining fact is that caricatures video catches the heart of every viewer, from a kid to an older man. They efficiently and easily reach everyone and deliver happiness.

PRO TIP: Vivid and smooth use of colors and sophisticated editing with Invideo can make these videos a fantasy to watch, and these can be easily used for designing every other wedding essentials.

4. Theme Based:

Themes greatly personalize content and make the video an enriching experience to watch. From Tv series to subscription shows and online streaming platforms, themes, if animated skillfully, can give the video an upper notch. Here editing is a key to marvel because the placing of the opening and closing scenes is essential. Themes can also serve the choice if your partner is a Harry Potter fan or loves watching Money Heist. You should also get a teal table runner according to the theme design.

PRO TIP: Use of unique soundtracks in social gatherings and intelligent use of Bollywood songs or Hollywood romance can make it superb.

5. Rajasthani Theme:

India is a land of culture and varied tastes. If you are planning for a destination wedding, you can use Rajasthani folk art and puppets to categorize your wedding video uniquely. This will also entertain the guests and well-wishers as there would be so much vivid and lucrative use of colors, places, a combination of different cultures and traditions of the state.

PRO TIP: You may use the concept and tradition of your own state and design beautiful frames which portray the taste and feel of the rich culture of any state of India. The use of popular Bollywood or Punjabi songs adds another flavor to the video.

6. Stop motion video:

This is important to know that stop motion videos, if created professionally, can be cost-effective, simple yet charming. These videos can make a different approach to its viewers and are generally loved by everyone. To make such videos, prefer a professional video maker.

PRO TIP: One can use simple and ordinary pictures of the past and showcase beautiful chemistry between both of you to your viewers.

7. Animated text:

This is the perfect amalgam of beauty and simplicity. If one prefers a much simpler and smooth form of wedding video, he or she may simply select this concept. Here simple and meaningful texts placed intelligently can have a havoc effect on the guests. Here one can prefer to use even real-life conversation as a preferred soundtrack to make the video more appealing and realistic.

PRO TIP: Try using simple and shot pictures of each other so that you get an opportunity to create memories to cherish!

8. Professional love story:

These designs of videos are inspired by the profession of the bride and groom. This beautiful video also highlights the balance to be kept between work and love life. Profession here is added with love and beautiful human emotions to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Viewers also find this concept highly realistic and fun.

PRO TIP: Add genuine creativity to design the frames and smartly choose a piece of appropriate music to portray the idea beautifully and make the video watching experience fun. You may also use some animation or effects to make the video a notch above the ordinary.

9. Destination wedding:

This idea and concept of video making will set the viewers in a party mood even before the actual wedding starts. Beautiful beachside, serene seawater, and light music will add a flavor to the imaginative faculty of the brain and entertain your viewers. Also, guests may find this concept unique and fun.

PRO TIP: You may add the glory of Paris, the Eiffel tower, or the leaning tower of Pisa to add a marvel to your frames. Also, the majestic emblem of love, the Taj Mahal of Agra, India, will be a perfect choice.

10. Pop of colors:

Any grand Indian wedding is full of enthusiasm, magnificent use of colors and also loud and soothing Bollywood music. Dancing on the rhythmic beats are a treat for the eyes for any Bollywood fashioned Indian wedding. Indian wedding traditions involve a great use of colors and songs. Designing cards on this concept is highly entertaining.

PRO TIP: Try making the video with vivid use of colors, traditions, music to give a next-level experience to your viewers.

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