Business Studies Theory by Topic - Marketing

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Marketing revision theory

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What is ‘marketing theory’?

This part of the curriculum covers both strategic approaches to finance (setting e.g. financial objectives) as well as more detailed tools for investigating and analysing financial data in the business. Key topics include:

  • Sources of finance - for start-ups and growing a business
  • Financial records and how to use them - e.g. balance sheets, profit and loss accounts,
  • Setting and monitoring budgets
  • Interpreting and analysing accounts - e.g. looking at ratio analysis, gearing- to understand the viability of the business
  • Managing revenues and costs - considering the importance of cash flow to the business
  • Investment appraisal tools - break-even, annual rate of return, discounted cash flow, net present value - and how each helps a business to decide if investment is justified and what outcomes it might deliver.