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Great educational websites for teachers

Teachers, regardless of their area of expertise, are the reason why this world evolves and why every generation tries to make it a better place. Without their knowledge and coaching techniques, none of the revolutionary discoveries we know today would have been possible. Ever since the beginning of time, educators had a very important task: help others to become important members of society. In fact, it’s a teacher’s duty to try to help students change their life for the better, for good. 

Socrates who taught Plato, Albert Einstein who was a professor at Princeton University, Maria Montessori who changed the way teaching in kindergartens is made, are just a few famous names, but the truth is that every teacher makes a difference in the educational system.

Millennials and the generations that came after, such as Generation Z, see education as an expensive but a necessary fact but not as a privilege. Because of this, they are very hard to handle in class. Their attention span is less than 12 seconds, so keeping them focus and interested during seminars is a titanic job. Fortunately, just as in any domain, the online world is a source of great inspiration for teachers that need help.

The purpose of this article is to gather a collection of websites that are designed to assist tutors. It will present platforms that provide lesson plans, study guides and other tools meant to ease the educators’ work.

5 online resources for teachers

1.     Scholastic Teachable

This project started in 1920. It was created by M.R. Robinson as a classroom magazine. The first edition had only 4 pages, but it grew and as technology evolved so did “The Western Pennsylvania Scholastic”. Now, it is considered the biggest digital resource for children’s books but also a dominant provider of schooling programs in both print and online format.

Scholastic Teachables is specialized in providing teaching materials for the period of Pre-K to the 6th grade. Some of the best features that they offer are:

  • Arts and Crafts tools used to improve the children’s motor and listening skills;
  • Assessment Tools such as forms, record sheets, and checklists;
  • Classroom Management and Teacher Tools such as reward printables;
  • Cut and Pastes worksheets that can be used for kindergarten children as a mean of improving their motor skills, or, for older ones to make the process of learning fractions easier.
  • Games and Puzzles that include math riddles, and word challenges that will make the homework task more fun.

However, this is not a free platform. To use it, teachers need to pay an annual subscription of $29.99.

2.     Pro-Papers

Not necessarily a platform only for teachers, but in the academic domain nonetheless, Pro-Papers is one of the most serious writing papers resources out there. It offers three kinds of services:

–         Academic Help that includes homework help and research paper writing;

–         Admission help & Business writing which includes cover letter writing services and CV writing services;

–         Editing papers; this means that they will help their users to format their paper to look professional, but they will also proofread it before sending it back.

This is not a free service. They charge depending on the academic level of the work they need to do, but also on the deadline period. This means that their prices vary from $10 to $44.

3.     Smithsonian Learning Lab

The Smithsonian is a group of research centers and museums administrated by the US Government. Their platform, called the Smithsonian Learning Lab, offers materials such as recordings, texts or images. The information they provide is very easily converted in a personalized one, by adding notes and tags.

Their main purpose is to to build a powerful educational network, but also to make correlations between disciplines such as science, art or history. To be sure that they offer the best online resources they update their database every six seconds.

The platform is a free one and it gives the teacher the possibility to create custom learning collections. And, because children are very connected with technology, this web app offers the educator the possibility to assign a specific compilation to a group of students via social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

4.     Education.com

This website offers teaching materials for tutors that work with Pre-K – 5th Grade children. This platform offers guided lessons that include a progress tracker. This feature is also available in a Classroom Mode. Their learning library is a vast one and includes:

  • Printable worksheets for math, science, reading, writing, and social studies. However, if none of them suits the teacher needs the website offers the possibility of a customized worksheet.
  • Online games for math and reading.
  • Lesson plans for reading, writing, and math.

Education.com is not a free website. They offer the possibility of monthly and annual subscriptions, but also a lifetime plan.

5.     Teaching Chanel

This website is a source for teachers that want to watch and learn new teaching techniques. They have more than 1300 real-life teaching videos that were captured in classrooms from all over the United States. Educators can either enter to learn new tutoring approaches or share their own know-how.

For the moment, this website has a free version, but also a premium one called Teaching Chanel Plus that includes:

  • A mobile app for video recording, cutting, and uploading;
  • Shareable, time-stamped video annotation;
  • Messaging & Notifications.

They also intend to launch two new features in 2019 for the Plus plan:

  • Course & learning plan libraries;
  • Rubrics for collaborative improvement.


These 5 websites are some of the most popular ones out there,  but there are many other online platforms and writing services for teachers. And all of them were launched as an answer to a worldwide necessity. Each of these web apps has its own characteristics and comes with pros and cons. Educators need to try them and pick the one that suits their needs best.

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