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What are the things worth buying from Dubai, UAE?

Every travel enthusiast and individual wants to have a trip to Dubai, UAE. Why?

The reason is because of its excellent infrastructure, sightseeing, and extravaganza. Now, it is impossible for you to visit this fantastic tourist destination and leave empty-handed. As you know, Dubai has one of the biggest shopping centers in the world.

You can buy almost anything in Dubai: ranging from jewelry to decoration stuff, lifestyles to advanced electronic items, etc. Fortunately, you could even spot some exotic animals and reptiles in your travel. Apart from small and decorative items, you can also get luxury items.

Thus, to lessen your confusion a little bit, here I have created a checklist of things worth buying from Dubai. Because it should not happen that you visited Dubai and left the few worthy souvenir items out of your lists.

1. Aladdin lamps

You visit an Arabian destination and do not involve Aladdin lamps in your checklists is not a clever idea. These lamps are the legendary implication of Aladdin made from brass designed with intricate carvings and stones. You can get miniature versions of these exotic Aladdin lamps that fit right into your baggage from Al-Karama Market and Karma Souk.

If you are a fairy tale lover, the Aladdin lamp is worth buying.

2. Coffee sets and Kava pots

You must have seen the delicate tea making and pots of the Arab culture. Here, Kava is acid neutralized pure coffee best preferred in strong black. It is served in exquisite kava coffee pots and sets lined with silver or gold made up of silver or copper. The more expensive sets are designed with semiprecious stones and intricate carvings. You can get these kava sets in the Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall. 

3. Arabic Attar

UAE is famous for its pleasant yet exotic fragrant Attar (perfume oils). It is prepared using distilled flower petals in water by applying mild heat and pressure. Arab women especially love using Attar for its scent. This essential oil is available in many fragrances, even the new white musk. You can grab one of these attar bottles in major retail conglomerates.

If you love to smell good at all times, the Attar is one option for you to get from Dubai.

4. Lucky stones

Many people love collecting stones or even wearing them as jewelry. The lucky stones in Arab are based on the birth month of the wearer to bring good luck. It is usually made into pendants or rings inlaid in gold, silver, and platinum. You can even get it customized as per metal used, filigree work, or classic designs.

You can get these precious stones in places like Dubai Marina or Gold & Diamond Park.

5. Hookahs

A cultural and prominent item found in every Arab house is the Hookah. If you are not a hookah fan, you can still get one of these as a decorative item. You can get an expensive, highly ornate, and extravagant hookah decorated with gold in many portable smaller versions. Such hookahs can be easily bought in areas like Karama Souq or Dubai Duty-FreeDuty Free shopping center.

Suppose you happen to be one of those people who indulge in hookahs for chilling and relaxing. In that case, you have an easy choice for a souvenir.

6.  Electronic items

By now, you indeed would be knowing that electronic items or gadgets in Dubai are relatively priced at a lower rate than in other countries. So, check the electronic gear or things you want at every possible place to get the best bargain.

One of the many common things in UAE, but a luxury to the rest, is automobiles or cars. If possibly affordable and transportable, you can even get a luxury car at a discounted price. Since it falls in the luxury category, it would be just for you to compare car insurance online in the UAE.

7. Jewel chests

These days you can easily DIY proper jewel holders or stand. But the vibe of a traditional intricate jewel chest is just different for a woman. You can treasure one of those Arabian jewel chests inlaid with precious stones, silver, gold, brass, sandalwood, and beautiful carvings as a unique item. Get this jewel chest as an exotic souvenir or gift engraved with Arabian cultures.

8. Khanjar

The Khanjar depicts the traditional attire of the Arabs. These curved daggers are embossed with gold and silver and are worn mainly by men. The initial versions of Khanjar were made out of rhino horn, but now, it is carved mainly from wood. The more expensive and ornate ones have handles made of sandalwood, silver, or even marble. The Khanjar’s sheath is engulfed with a silver-threaded weave design.

You can see this Khanjar of different values depending on the workmanship quality and weaving intricacy. To get the original Khanjar, look for heavy feely ones with five rings. The old Khanjars are available in places like Yemen Pavilion or Mutrah Souq.

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