Sky and the digital revolution
A Sky case study

Page 1: Introduction

Television is moving into a radical new era, heralding the most exciting televisual developments of your lifetime. Increasingly viewers will take charge of their own entertainment in the home. Digital television will give viewers more opportunity to watch what they want, when they want. There are a host of new applications involved with the digital revolution, which are set out in the case...
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Page 2: Developing new products and services

New channelsSkyDigital offers a vast number of new channels from British and International programme makers with quality that Sky believes will be unbeatable. This includes two new sports channels - MUTV, the new Manchester United Football Club channel, and Sky Sports News; new non-subscription channels from the BBC, including the brand new BBC Choice - the BBC’s first new entertainment...
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Page 3: New equipment

tvLINKThe tvLINK, about the size of a matchbox, is a new optional feature which, when connected to the Digibox, allows the viewer to watch the same digital channel in more than one room, or watch a digital satellite channel in one room while someone else watches terrestrial TV in another. Digibox (or set-top box)The Digibox is made to a high specification technical brief by four well-known...
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Page 4: Building a brand

In short, all of Sky’s marketing activities aim to: drive subscription growth and sales encourage loyalty and retain customers develop the Sky brand. To inform consumers about digital satellite television, Sky has engaged in a national campaign running across TV, radio, internet, press and billboard sites: a multi-media explosion to support this major new product launch! In addition...
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Page 5: Marketing strategy

The advent of digital satellite has made it possible for Sky to improve its market position. From the launch onwards, the marketing objectives have been to create fresh demand for Sky, to position digital satellite television as the market leader and to make sure that potential customers fully understand the product’s benefits. The marketing strategy has extended to establishing a unique...
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Page 6: Conclusion

This case study explains how Sky is at the forefront of the digital revolution currently underway in the television market-place. The fast-moving changes taking place are radically altering how the consumer interacts with his or her TV - choosing the type of television delivery to suit the consumer’s preferences, choosing what the consumer wants to watch, as well as how and when he/she wants...
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