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Why Cloud Computing Is Important For Effective Fleet Management

When you think about managing fleets and all of its parts, what it mostly comes down to is cost reduction, maximum efficiency and optimal resource allocation and utilization. Even though that may sound easy, it can be quite challenging from time to time, especially if you have a large number of vehicles to handle. In those cases, fleet maintenance softwarepaired with cloud computing services can prove out to be more than helpful in many cases, as you’re about to see in just a few moments.

1. GPS Tracking

Tracking vehicles and drivers with GPS is one of the most important parts of fleet management. Given the fact that the vehicles are constantly moving, without cloud services, it would be impossible to track the position of each car or a van in real-time, because of the latency and the connection to the outside server. With the cloud, you virtually centralize your whole system and eliminate the lag, providing yourself with the real-time, precise location of each vehicle. You do so by interacting with cloud-integrated devices, which have GPS trackers and gyroscopes inside them so that you deal with the utmost precise data regarding location and movement of the vehicle.

2. Infrastructure Management

Employing a number of skilled individuals to manage and maintain the IT infrastructure of a company is not only expensive and non-profitable but is also obsolete in today’s day and age. With fleet maintenance software, you can easily get rid of the physical infrastructure and channel everything into a virtual machine provided by the cloud service. Inside those virtual machines, you can seamlessly manage, store and process data. It will also mean you’ll cut down the operating costs, save some time and even regain some physical space.

3. Scalability

Fleet owners and managers invest their time and money in developing and maintaining their IT infrastructure according to their needs. Their needs are directly related to the number of vehicles in the fleet. Traditional methods can only deal with a certain number of vehicles at the same time thus limiting your growth. With modern fleet maintenance software powered by cloud computing, you eliminate that problem because modern software supports virtually unlimited growth. You could go from 10 to 10,000 vehicles in a day and it wouldn’t be a problem for cloud software.

4. Security

Data or company information is the heart and soul of every business and as such, its security must always be at the highest level. Choosing the right software is crucial for ensuring the safety of your data. Clout computing services come with built-in security measures and firewalls. All of your data would be in one ‘space’ as well, so you could look at it as a localized central security system if you want. On top of all that, the security features can even be tailored to your needs based on the size of your company or just the sheer value or volume of the data you’re working with.

5. Access Control

Fleet managers as well as the drivers can sometimes struggle with information access, especially when the vehicles are on the go. Delays, lag or slow internet connection can cause all kinds of problems from mishandling a vehicle to financial losses. With cloud computing and fleet maintenance software, both parties can easily access the cloud from any authenticated phone or a tablet without any problems or delays, which is one of the greatest benefits of a cloud centralized system.

As you can see, with just a little bit of help, you can easily transform your regular-old fleet into a modern, smart fleet. Fleet maintenance software will not only help you cut costs and become more efficient – it will also help you grow your business.

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