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Why Do Some Businesses Get More Google Reviews Than Others?

 When people are looking for places to dine or shop, they check reviews to make sure that they’re going to be spending their hard earned money on a great experience. The more positive reviews a business has, the more people can develop trust with the brand before they’ve even made it to the website. Reviews are a lot like a recommendation from a friend, even though it’s from a complete stranger.

Google reviews are an effective way to get new customers without having to spend a ton of money on marketing and ads. Now, you may be wondering, why do some businesses get more Google reviews than others? Luckily, the answer is as simple as asking for them. Keep reading to find out just how important Google reviews are and how you can get more of them for your business.

The Importance of Google Reviews For Small Businesses

Builds Brand Trust: People are more likely to try a restaurant or buy a new product if a friend has recommended it to them first. Google reviews work in a similar fashion where your prospective buyer is going to look for reviews to see if their fellow consumers have vouched for your brand or not. For small businesses, reviews are an essential part of any growth strategy as they prove that your company is legitimate. Too few reviews will make it challenging to get new eyes on your site or new customers through the door. 

Improve Your Conversion Rate: Digital marketing can get expensive, and it can be challenging to find your target audience online. When you do finally get your prospective buyer in your sales funnel, they may overlook your business if they don’t feel like you have enough reviews. This completely wastes any marketing dollars you spent to engage them.

You’ve already won over your buying customers, so why not have them write reviews? Their experience with your company is the perfect compliment to the best advertising you could possibly run. It tells the prospective buyer that everything they’ve loved through your marketing is exactly what they can expect once they start spending with your business.

How To Get More Google Reviews

The unfortunate thing about reviews is people often only remember to write them if they’ve had a bad experience. You can have hundreds of happy customers that never think to leave a review because they’re just so pleased with your company. You need to find ways to engage your most satisfied customers and get them to leave reviews. According digital marketing agency Elvin Web Marketing, one of the best ways to get more reviews is simply to ask, and the easiest way to do this is with a review card.

Using Review Cards

Review cards are an easy way to ask your paying customers for a review, and simplicity is key. Simply hand them the card with their order or purchase and kindly ask them to leave a review. These cards can be customized with a QR code that takes your customer straight to the review page, so it’s even easier for them to complete it on their phone.

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Get Started Today

The key to getting more reviews is making it easy for your buyers and always remembering to ask. The sooner you can start handing out review cards, the quicker you’ll begin to see an increase in your Google Reviews. Social proof is an essential part of the customer journey and will continue to become more valuable as your business grows. Order some review cards today and start asking your customers for reviews.

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