Corporate responsibility and stakeholders
A RELX Group case study

Page 1: Introduction

RELX Group is a leading provider of information solutions for professional customers across industries. The company helps scientists make new discoveries, lawyers win cases, doctors save lives, and executives forge commercial relationships with their clients. The company helps insurance groups offer customers lower prices by assessing risk better, and save taxpayers and consumers money by...
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Page 2: Internal stakeholders

RELX Group’s internal stakeholders have a range of interests in the different parts of the company and its activities. Shareholders are key internal stakeholders. As investors, they take a financial stake in the company by purchasing shares. They will look for the best return on investment which is usually made in the form of a share of the profits. CR strategies benefit shareholders by...
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Page 3: External stakeholders

External stakeholders are those individuals or groups outside a business. RELX Group differentiates itself from competitors by highligting its CR performance to external stakeholders. Customers Customers expect good value, high-quality products and great service. RELX Group achieves this through close relationships and consultation with customers. It conducts widespread surveys of customer...
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Page 4: Potential stakeholder conflict

It is important for a business to balance the interest of its various stakeholders. Different stakeholder groups have different priorities, for example: Shareholders expect the business to make a profit and receive a return on their investment. Employees require good working conditions if they are to be retained. Investors may want to see evidence of how a company responds to environmental issues...
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Page 5: The benefits of a stakeholder focus

Businesses do not work in isolation. They affect the lives of people in the global community in many ways. RELX Group believes it must be accountable to communities and give something back. Through employee community work, for example, its people not only make a difference to local communities around the world, they also demonstrate publicly RELX Group’s’s values.‘Valuing...
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Page 6: Conclusion

A focus on stakeholders provides a way of keeping all aspects of the business in balance. RELX Group pays close attention to the expectations and needs of all its stakeholders. CR touches on all aspects of the business and strengthens  it. The company believes that by living up to its responsibility to contribute positively to its employees, customers, society and the environment through...
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